Rural Pokemon Go player vents over inability to trade globally

Chris Studley
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One Pokemon Go player that lives in a rural community expressed dismay that Niantic has yet to add a global trade feature to the mobile game.

One of the benefits of online capabilities, and specifically for Pokemon, is that players don’t have to meet in-person in order to play or connect. For the Pokemon console games, players have the option to use internet functionality to battle or trade.

However, this is not the case for Pokemon Go, as the ability to trade within the app is quite limited.

The inability to trade on a global scale enraged one Pokemon Go player, who would like to see Niantic tweak its trade system.

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Pokemon Go players discuss trades

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, a user by the name ‘Randy00551’ asked the community why Niantic has not implemented a global trade system for the mobile game.

The original poster lives in a rural area, and confidently stated that no one in the near vicinity of the user’s hometown plays Go. “I live in a rural area, I’d bet $1,000 not a single person in my entire city plays this game. Why can’t trading be global?! Doesn’t make any sense!”

Several agreed with the sentiment, as one Pokemon Go player said that it would make sense if Niantic implemented a system where users can make “at least a single trade” with a best friend, in order to ensure that it “doesn’t get crazy.”

Others, however, stated this is merely just a byproduct of the game’s structure. One Pokemon Go player noted on the lack of trade system, “[It’s] to make it difficult for you to catch every [P]okemon. This game isn’t intended to please you. It’s made so you’ll feel frustrated and push you toward spending money on it. If you pay attention you’ll see countless other artificial obstacles they put there for this reason.”

The lack of trade system in Pokemon Go does run counter to the mainline console games, like Scarlet and Violet. Those have had long-distance trade options thanks to internet connectivity, but Pokemon Go is the exception. Individuals can make trades in Go, but only in-person. This can be problematic for those who want to evolve certain Pokemon that can via trade.