Pokemon Go leak shows possible Kecleon encounter coming soon

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Kecleon debut datamineNiantic

A Pokemon Go datamine has offered potential information about future updates for the mobile app, including the possible debut of a “Transparent” encounter featuring the chameleon Pokemon Kecleon.

Pokemon Go fans are always looking forward to the next debut or new mechanic in the mobile app. Both Shiny and Mega forms offer several new species to catch alongside the wide variety spanning nine generations of the main series games.

One Pokemon still missing from the Pokemon Go list is Hoenn’s Kecleon. The “Color Swap” chameleon is a Normal-type known in the Ruby and Sapphire games for appearing as a transparent wall that players would bump into.

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Now, it seems Pokemon Go may be planning to debut the cute Gen 3 species alongside its signature disguise, according to a datamine online.

Pokemon Dataminer has discovered a possible new debut

In a recent breakdown of the new update for Pokemon Go, PokeMiners has shared interesting details hidden within the framework of the update’s code.

Pokemon Go will allegedly be getting a new icon, new assets for Holiday events, and many other exciting goodies. However, one of the key points mentioned in the datamine is the inclusion of something called a “Transparent Encounter”.

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It comes alongside mention of a “Camo” species that PokeMiners theorizes will be the long-awaited debut of Kecleon. The info reads, “it sounds like it’s obviously for Kecleon, you’ll see it when you start the encounter, then it turns invisible. Then when it attacks it appears again during the animation and then fades away again. So you’ll throw at it when it’s hidden.”

This won’t be the first special encounter type, as both Ditto and Zorua can disguise themselves when initially attacked, before exposing their true form afterwards. Hopefully, this new “Transparent” feature will be available soon and give Pokemon Go players new ways to find species hidden in the wild.

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