Pokemon Go leak reveals fan favorite evolution to be added soon

Scott Baird
Pokemon Horizons Quaxley in intro sequence

It looks like Niantic plans to add another fan-favorite Pokemon to Pokemon Go, thanks to a datamine that has uncovered assets relating to it.

The Pokemon games have long been susceptible to leaks, especially in the old days. Event Pokemon were spawned within minutes of a game’s launch, thanks to cheat devices and spawning glitches, revealing secrets months ahead of their official reveal.

Pokemon Go has an even harder time avoiding leaks, as Niantic tends to add data related to upcoming events and Pokemon before they’re officially implemented. This is how we knew Dialga Origin and Palkia Origin were coming to the game months ago, even though the full extent of their abilities was unclear.

As such, it’s almost impossible for there to be any secrets surrounding Pokemon Go, though it bears mentioning that not everything Niantic adds to the game is implemented, and some stuff can take a long time to be added, such as the Master Ball.

Pokemon Go adds assets for Annihilape from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

It seems that one of the new evolutions introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is coming to Pokemon Go. The Pokemod Group Twitter/X account has announced that assets for Annihilape have been detained, as they’ve been added to the game.

Annihilape is a Fighting/Ghost-type Pokemon that evolves from Primeape. It quickly rose through the competitive ranks, currently sitting in the ‘Uber’ tier on Smogon due to its sheer power, amazing typing, strong moves, and amazing Ability options.

Obviously, this won’t be a factor in Pokemon Go, as it has a stripped-down battle system compared to the mainline Pokemon games. It’s still expected to be a force to be reckoned with, though not quite to the same degree, especially as it doesn’t have access to any Tera-type bonus.

The question now is when will Niantic officially add Annihilape to Pokemon Go? The company missed the chance to add it during Halloween, so it’s most likely to be the subject of an upcoming Raid event, similar to the Hisuian starters from Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

If Niantic is adding Annihilape assets to Pokemon Go, it shouldn’t be long before it’s in the game. Fans will finally have their chance to unleash their undead monkey monster on their foes before long.