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Pokemon Go Golem counters, weaknesses, best movesets

Published: 1/Jun/2021 20:40

by Nick Farrell


The generation one Rock-type Pokemon has been a hot topic in Pokemon Go as of late. Since a new month has arrived, an ample amount of players are eyeing to take down this ‘mon with ease – but you’ll only be able to do so with the right counters! 

Pokemon Go is filled with powerful and imposing Pokemon that can do some serious damage to your team. We see this every month with the release of new raids and Team Rocket Pokemon.

Golem is one of the many ‘mons that can be a threat to your team, but understanding how to take it down easily is going to be highly beneficial to you during your trials in Go.


We are going to run over the best Pokemon to counter Golem directly, along with the movesets you should use with them!

golem go
The Pokemon Company
Golem is the final evolution of Geodude!

What type is Golem?

Before we get into the counters to use, it is best to run over what type Golem is so you know what moves work best against this Pokemon. Golem currently bolsters a dual-typing of Ground/Rock, and it has ever since it was introduced back in generation one.

What is Golem’s weakness in Pokemon Go?

Since it holds a dual-typing of Rock/Ground it, has an ample amount of weaknesses. Golem can be dealt super-effective damage with Grass and Water-type moves. It’s also weak to Fighting, Ground, Steel and Ice-type moves, making Golem a rather vulnerable Pokemon to be matched up against.


golem weakness
The Pokemon Company
Golem has a variety of weaknesses in Go

At the same time, it is also resistant to various types such as Electric and Flying!

Golem counters in Pokemon Go

If you are looking to make an encounter with a Golem a breeze, there are certain Pokemon that we can recommend you use in battle.

These Pokemon are going to take advantage of Golem’s many weaknesses, and will deal immense damage to it during a fight.

Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Sprite
Kingler Bubble Crabhammer kringler
Kyogre Waterfall Hydro Pump
Sceptile Bullet Seed Frenzy Plant Sceptile
Breloom Bullet Seed Grass Knot Breloom
Crawdaunt Waterfall Crabhammer Crawdaunt
Roserade Razor Leaf Solar Beam

Golem’s best moveset in Pokemon Go

Now that you have successfully defeated a Golem, you may have one in your party and are now looking to optimize its moveset for future use. Below are the best moves you can use on Golem to maximize its effectiveness in battle.


  • Fast Move – Mud Shot or Rock Throw
  • Charge Move – Earthquake, Stone Edge, or Rock Blast

Can Golem be shiny in Pokemon Go?

shiny golem
Shiny Golem has a slightly different tint then its regular form

Yes! Golem does indeed have a shiny variant that players may be able to obtain when they are playing Pokemon Go. However, like any other shiny Pokemon it is rather rare to encounter so it make take some time before you find one.