Pokemon Go Gardevoir counters, weaknesses, best movesets

Nick Farrell
The Pokemon Company

The immensely powerful Pokemon from the Hoenn region Gardevoir can be daunting to take on at first. But, using these counters in Pokemon Go can yield incredible results in your battles! 

Encountering powerful Pokemon is something most trainers will have to bear with when it comes to Pokemon Go. The popular mobile title has some challenging gym battles within, and certain Pokemon can pose a real problem.

Gardevoir is certainly one of these ‘mons that can be a real threat to your and your Pokemon team. Introduced in generation three, it has remained a fan favorite ever since, due to its powerful moveset and strong special attack rating.

If you’re looking to counter Gardevoir in Pokemon Go here are the best moves and Pokemon to bring into battle!

gardevoir Pokemon
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Gardevoir is featured in a lot of players parties within the Hoenn region

What type is Gardevoir?

Before we get into the counters to use, it is best to run over what type Gardevoir is so you know what moves work best against this Pokemon. When it was initially added into the mainstream Pokemon games back during Ruby and Sapphire, it was only a Psychic-type Pokemon.

However, when the fairy-typing was added back in during generation six it gained the dual typing of Psychic/Fairy.

What is Gardevoir’s weakness in Pokemon Go?

With a dual-typing, Gardevoir has become weaker to more Pokemon than it was before. Now, it is vulnerable to Poison, Ghost and Steel-type Pokemon moves, which is an interesting combination.

gardevoir pokemon
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Gardevoir has an excellent mega-evolution

However, keep in mind that dragon-type moves will not affect Gardevoir due to its newly adopted fairy typing.

Gardevoir counters in Pokemon Go

If you are looking to make quick work of the tricky Gardevoir then there are a few Pokemon that will serve best in this situation.

As well, the moves on these choices are all super-effective against the Psychic/Fairy type for the most part, so you should not have too much trouble taking one down.

Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Sprite
Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
Gengar Lick or Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Deoxys (Attack Form) Poison Jab Zap Cannon
Dialga  Metal Claw Iron Head
Roserade  Poison Jab Sludge Bomb

Gardevoir best moveset in Pokemon Go

If you have a Gardevoir and you are looking to use it within battle, there are some moves that excel compared to the rest. Here are the best moves you can bring into battle.

  • Fast Move – Confusion
  • Charge Move – Psychic, Shadow Ball, or Synchronois

Can Gardevoir be shiny in Pokemon Go?

The shining version of Gardevoir is amazing

Yes, indeed Gardevoir has a shiny variant that players will be able to find with some luck in Pokemon Go. Contrary to the regular version, the shiny offers a blue tint with some orange accents.