Pokemon Go player reveals trick to increase catch rate of Galarian Birds

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Galarian Bird Trick Adventure Incense

A Pokemon Go player has discovered a potential trick to improving the catch rates of the elusive Galarian birds. However, it will cost a large number of Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go players have been on a journey the past few months attempting to catch the elusive Galarian Legendary bird trio. The popular Pokemon are only available to catch using the new Daily Adventure Incense and have a painfully high flee rate alongside a miserably low catch rate.

Fans have shared several stories, with some praising the rare and difficult encounters. However, others have started to lose patience with the new mechanic, looking for ways to boost spawn rates or improve the possibility of a catch.

While it has been hard to test any potential glitches or workarounds, a few clever players have taken to social media, sharing theories that could help others score their Legendary catch. Unfortunately, the data has left many players unsure about the true usability of these methods.

Pokemon Go players trash Pokeballs for a better catch

In a post shared on the r/pokemongo Reddit board by user JASHYZGO, the Pokemon Go player demonstrates a potential catch boosting “hack” that involved purposefully failing throws to engage the “pity catch” bonus seen with Legendary Raid boss encounters.

In the video, the player purposefully throws Ultra Balls to the ground as a Galarian Zapdos scuttles across the screen before them. After dropping several balls, the player then feeds the Legendary bird a Golden Razz Berry before tossing out a few more balls at the ground. Finally, they get a good spin on the Ultra Ball in hand, wait for the perfect moment, and score an “excellent” curve throw.

The Pokeball, which shakes for just a few moments, secures the catch, indicating a potentially useful boost at the cost of around 20 Ultra Balls.

However, other players aren’t so sure about the method, with one user stating “I’d like to leave this up because there’s potential for it actually working, but it still requires a great deal of research. We have seen no evidence yet to suggest that wild Legendaries get the same pity catch bonus as raid encounters. Please take this post with a massive boulder of salt.” and another adding “With the main series games, I legit believed for a few years that spamming “A” (some would say down or B or whatever) would increase the catch rate. There was no mew behind the truck either.”

Another user breaks the concept down, commenting “So the idea is to waste 20 balls, and then the catch rate might increase because Legendaries who have raid encounters increase their catch rate at a certain number of balls… hmmm. Idk if that would apply to these wild ones. Does anyone know if it works the same for GBL Legendary encounters?”

While it is possible this method could activate an accidental bonus, more data will need to be gathered from a wider range of players to truly know if it’s effective. However, with the encounters so rare, some Pokemon Go players will likely find the loss of a few dozen Pokeballs worth events the chance of better catch odds – whether it’s been backed by data or not.

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