Pokemon Go is giving away 9 Gimmighoul coins to celebrate launch

Pokemon go gimmighoul coinsThe Pokemon Company

To celebrate Pokemon Go’s newly implemented connection to Scarlet & Violet, Niantic is giving away 9 free Gimmighoul coins in a celebration box.

Gimmighoul coins are a must-have for those hoping to catch a Roaming Form Gimmighoul in the popular AR game.

These coins also come in handy for evolving the Roaming Form Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, a process that costs 999 coins.

Typically, earning more coins requires players to catch the Roaming Form or equip it as an ally. Collecting them at Gold PokeStops serves as yet another option. But for a limited time, Niantic is making it easier for users to receive the collectibles in question.

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Niantic is giving away from Gimmighoul coins in Pokemon Go

Developer Niantic has unleashed a new “Gold Box” in honor of the ability to connect Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet.

The free gift box comes with a total of nine Gimmighoul coins, collectibles necessary for the Gholdengo evolution.

Notably, the celebratory gift from Niantic will only be available for a limited time as seen in the screenshot below.

Pokemon go gimmighoul coinsThe Pokemon Company

Though this particular freebie won’t stick around long term, a post on Pokemon Go Live notes the free Gimmighoul coins mark only the first of “various campaigns to celebrate the ability to connect Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.”

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This isn’t the only way for Pokemon Go users to celebrate their love of Gimmighouls, though. On Pokemon Go’s official Twitter account, Niantic is also hosting a Retweet Campaign that guarantees access to other Gimmighoul-themed prizes such as a Gimmighoul hat.

At the time of writing, it’s not clear how long either of these campaigns will remain in place.