Pokemon Go fans want incentive to use Premium Raid Passes

Philip Trahan
pokemon go premium raid pass header

Pokemon Go fans report having a surplus of Premium Raid Passes and ask for more incentives to actually use them.

Discontent within the Pokemon Go community is seemingly at an all-time high following the massive shake-ups that came to the game in April 2023.

Fans have expressed a lack of interest in going outside to play Pokemon Go, with some claiming the incentives to go out and participate in raids or take over Gyms just isn’t there anymore.

Now, players have also expressed the sentiment that there’s really no incentive to use Premium Raid Passes, as many fans note they have a surplus that they rarely ever touch.

Pokemon Go players discuss surplus of Premium Raid Passes

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit brought the topic to the community’s attention after one fan asked, “Does anyone else have a ton of premium passes they never use?”

The OP attached a screenshot of their item inventory, which showed 20 Premium Raid Pass next to one Remote Raid Pass and one Go Battle League Timed Research Pass.

Sure enough, many trainers in the replies also noted that they had a surplus of green passes as well. “Yeah I have 96,” said one fan, while another noted, “I keep 20 and the rest I chuck.”

It seems some fans simply don’t find value in these passes, as the free orange passes are common enough that trainers simply don’t use Premium Raid Passes on their daily raids. “I only ever used premium passes for global events, only time a good amount of ppl where raiding in person,” said one player.

Other trainers wished that they could convert their surplus passes into something more useful or appealing. “Yeah I have like 90. Wish we could convert them to remote Raid passes,” suggested one trainer.

Of course, given Niantic nerfed Remote Raid Passes last month, it’s very unlikely the company would give players a convenient way to get more without some monetary investment.

Some savvy players noted that with the Kleavor Raid Day event coming up soon, it would be a perfect time for trainers to burn some of the extra Premium Raid Passes they’ve been sitting on.

With trainers expressing boredom with core activities like Gyms and Raids, it may be time for Niantic to shake things up in a more positive way.