Pokemon Go fans split over “ridiculous” PokeStop Field Research requirement

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players are split over a “ridiculous” new Field Research task for the Blaze New Trails event, which some have claimed is too difficult.

For those who may have missed the news, Pokemon Go announced the Blaze New Trails event, which features the inclusion of the brand new Routes feature alongside Zygarde.

This new Routes feature is simple and allows players to chart their own custom course that other Pokemon Go trainers can travel all while gaining some handy bonuses for doing so.

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However, the Blaze New Trails event also comes with its own Field Research, and many trainers have called out one particular task for being surprisingly difficult and offering a lackluster reward.

Pokemon Go trainers split over Field Research task

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit highlighted the task and brought it to the community’s attention. The thread’s title said, “I’m sorry, but this one is the most ridiculous task I’ve ever seen,” alongside a screenshot of the task.

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The task in particular requires players to ‘Spin 5 PokeStops you haven’t visited before’ and rewards players 2,000 Stardust for doing so.

While this task may not seem too difficult at first, a subsection of the community has found it surprisingly hard to complete — particularly longtime players and rural trainers.

“Mood man, rural PoGo is a b**tch, 30-40 minute drive to find anything decent,” said one rural fan, with the OP replying “I’m not even [living] in a rural area, but this task is just ridiculous because if you play enough you don’t have any unspun Stops in your area, regardless to where you live…”

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However, many fans pushed back against the complaints and simply told naysayers to delete the task. “The theme of the event is exploring new areas. Spinning 5 new stops somewhere you have never been before is very easy. If you’re not in a place you haven’t been before, just discard the task.”

Another fan noted this was a great task for someone who is on vacation. “I’m on holiday as of today in somewhere I’ve never been, I’ll take it!”

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While it certainly can feel bad to outright skip a task during a Pokemon Go event, sometimes it may be the best course of action for trainers during the Blaze New Trails event. Thankfully, theses tasks won’t interfere with the chance to catch the newly added Zygarde in the ‘From A to Zygarde, Research.

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