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Pokemon Go Egg Hatching feature launches worldwide

Published: 9/Apr/2021 17:11

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


After testing the Egg Trasnpanrecy feature on a select amount of players, Niantic has launched the community-requested feature for Pokemon Go players worldwide.

Pokemon Go might be one of the most successful mobile games of all time, but it’s still a work in progress. Niantic is always looking for new ways to improve the game and enhance the user experience.

Just recently, they’ve done everything from fixing major bugs to making Candy XL easier to obtain. Now, they’ve gone a step further and added a highly-requested feature to the game that allows players to see which Pokemon can hatch out of which eggs.


Niantic is testing a new Egg Hatching feature in Pokemon Go.

Niantic launches Egg Hatching feature to all players

In early March, Niantic revealed that they were testing out an exciting Egg Transpanrecy feature that would allow trainers to see which Pokemon could hatch from the different eggs in-game.

This highly-requested feature has now been launched worldwide for all Pokemon Go players to use. In order to access this feature, players will need to tap on an egg in their inventory and it will bring up the new menu.

The new addition has been well-received by fans and players. However, some went a step further and asked Niantic whether they will also add the option to delete eggs. But it seems like it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


“Currently, there isn’t an option to delete Eggs,” said Niantic. However, they thanked the fans for their feedback, which is an acknowledgment of sorts. For all we know, it could be considered down the track.

Although fans didn’t get everything they wanted, the new menu is a great addition to the game. Fingers crossed Niantic continues to add community-requested features in the future.