Pokemon Go Día de Muertos 2022 Collection Challenge & Field Research tasks

A poster for the Dia de Muertos Collection Challenge in Pokemon GoNiantic

The Día de Muertos 2022 event has arrived in Pokemon Go, and to mark the occasion there’s a themed Collection Challenge as well as several Field Research tasks to complete.

Pokemon Go is once again celebrating Día de Muertos (also known as Day of the Dead), which is a Mexican holiday where people gather to remember and pay respects to family and friends that have died.

As well as Duskull appearing in the wild with a cempasúchil crown on its head, one of the bigest features of this event is a Collection Challenge that features an encounter with Alolan Marowak as a reward.

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Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to complete this Dia de Muertos Collection Challenge, as well as the event-exclusive Field Research tasks.

Pokemon Go Day of the Dead feature imageNiantic

Pokemon Go Día de Muertos 2022 Collection Challenge explained

Here are the Pokemon you need to catch for the Día de Muertos 2022 Collection Challenge:

PokemonHow to catchSprite
RoseliaAs a wild encounter or a Field Research rewardRoselia
LitwickAs a wild encounter or a Field Research rewardLitwick
CuboneAs a wild encounter or a Field Research rewardCubone
SunkernAs a wild encounter
ChinchouAs a wild encounterChinchou
SwirlixAs a wild encounterSwirlix

For completing this Collection Challenge you’ll be rewarded with 1 Incense, 1 Poffin, and an Alolan Marowak encounter.

Pokemon Go Día de Muertos 2022 Field Research tasks & rewards

Here are all of the Field Research tasks you can get in the Día de Muertos 2022 event:

  • Make a Nice Curveball Throw – Roselia or Litwick encounter
  • Make a Great Throw – Cubone encounter
  • Make 3 Great Curveball Throws in a row – Duskull wearing a cempasúchil crown encounter
  • Win a Gym Battle – Houndoom encounter

You can obtain these Field Research tasks by spinning PokeStops during the event. Remember that they’re given out at random, so you can’t guarantee which one you’ll get.

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