Pokemon Go Aquatic Paradise slammed as “worthless” but not all agree

Joe Pring
Pokemon Go Ducklett

The announcement of Pokemon Go‘s Aquatic Paradise event hasn’t been received with universal excitement but player sentiment towards Niantic as a whole is improving.

Starting in July, portions of the limited-time event will run concurrently with Pokemon Go Fest 2024‘s New York City segment, offering boosted encounter rates for several Water-types.

Shiny Ducklett’s debut in the mobile game has been earmarked as a major component of Aquatic Paradise, but even this draw has failed to win over some players.

“I can’t stand it anymore, these events last for TOO Little Time,” read a comment from one user on a Reddit thread discussing the buffs outlined. “Like this one lasts about four days and the 6th and 9th aren’t even full days. Trying to put any kind of effort into the game is worthless,” they continued.

“How absolutely mid,” came another blunt response.

Ducklett’s Shiny variant will make its debut during Aquatic Paradise

Despite that blowback, most players have reacted positively. “This is such a great lineup. I’ve been wanting a shiny Corphish forever! Can’t wait to get my hands on a Kingdra, either,” one excitable comment read.

“You know, for us being stuck with Kanto spawn for what feels like forever, there has been a distinct lack of Horsea. Also Shiny ducky lookin’ good,” came another.

“Finally I get to evolve Clamperl and complete the Hoenn dex. I fumbled the evolutions and I didn’t wanna spend Rare Candies,” explained one Hoenn enthusiast.

Aquatic Paradise runs from July 6-9 and has an accompanying paid Timed Research ticket. Trainers wondering if it’s worth dropping money on can check out our rundown of all the rewards you’ll get for the $1.99 entry fee. Our full overview has all the details on which Water ‘mons will be featured in the event.

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