How to complete Pokemon Go Aquatic Paradise Collection Challenge

Chris Studley

Here’s a look at the Pokemon needed for the Aquatic Paradise Collection Challenge in Go, plus the rewards upon completion.

The Aquatic Paradise event is live, giving trainers the chance to add some Fresh Water-type Pokemon, including Shiny Ducklett for the first time. But other opportunities abound over the coming days in Pokemon Go.

One of those is a Collection Challenge, as Niantic has tasked trainers with finding, catching, and collecting various Water-type creatures that will appear more frequently from July 6 through July 9, 2024.

Here’s a look at the challenge and rewards.

wingull pokemon go

Pokemon Go Aquatic Paradise Collection Challenge explained

Thanks to Leek Duck, we know which Pokemon need to be caught and collected during Aquatic Paradise to complete this challenge. Here’s a look at the Pokemon required for the Collection Challenge:

PokemonHow to get itSprite
WingullIn the wildWingull
StaryuIn the wildStaryu in Pokemon Go
ShellderIn the wild (Regular Incense)Shellder
DucklettIn the wildDucklett
HorseaIn the wildHorsea in Pokemon Go
ClamperlIn the wildClamperl
CorphishIn the wildCorphish
Frillish (Female)In the wildFrillish in Pokemon GO

The rewards for catching all the above Pokemon are 5,000 XP, a Ducklett encounter, and an Incense.

Two things are worthy of note. One, the female version of Frillish is needed, not the male version. The male version is blue, while the female is pink. There are other slight design differences between the two, but color represents the most important.

Second, no Evolutions are needed for this challenge, unlike some Collection Challenges in the past.

All the Pokemon listed above have increased spawn rates during Aquatic Paradise.

Be sure to check out what else is going on in Aquatic Paradise, such as the Wandering Waddles Timed Research challenge tasks and rewards in Pokemon Go.

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