Pokemon Go players slam developers for ignoring Adventure Sync issues

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A Pokemon Go user recently ran a poll to demonstrate the brokenness of Adventure Sync, despite Niantic ignoring the problem.

Adventure Sync counts among the most valued modes in the popular mobile game. The optional feature allows players to record how many kilometers they travel when the app isn’t open.

To the chagrin of many a player, however, Adventure Sync does not always work as advertised. And some people claim it actually hasn’t functioned properly for several years.

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Since Niantic has yet to address the issue, the Pokemon Go community is of the mind that a much-needed fix may never see the light of day.

Pokemon Go fans bash devs over Adventure Sync problems

A Reddit user recently launched a poll via Google Forms to determine the number of POGO players dealing with Adventure Sync-related errors. The Redditor shared the results they’ve collected, thus far, on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

Of the 275 people who participated in the poll as of yesterday, March 9, almost 90 percent said the Adventure Sync feature doesn’t work as intended. “Niantic is gaslighting the community by pretending adventure sync isn’t broken,” the original poster said when sharing the data on Reddit.

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According to the creator of the poll, “So far, over 87% of respondents are having problems, with over 2/3 saying that it’s tracking none or almost no distance.”

The user went on to note that respondents have a wide variety of answers when replying to questions about when the feature started breaking down. This applies to other Reddit users who commented on the results thread.

One person said Adventure Sync stopped working for them when Pokemon Go launched the Mystic Hero event in April of this year. Others chimed in to say they didn’t notice a problem until after the Larvesta hunt started.

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There are those who’ve been struggling with the feature for years, too. “Adventure sync straight up hasn’t worked for me since 2020,” wrote a frustrated Redditor. Someone else said the mode has never functioned for them.

Since Niantic remains mum about the matter as a whole, there’s no telling if or when a fix will go live.

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