Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for doing opposite of “every feature”

Josh Taylor
The Pokemon Pikachu being angry.

Pokemon Go players are outraged at Niantic for making all the different features in the game work best for trainers if they do the exact opposite of what was intended.

Pokemon Go has updated the game regularly, and over the years it has introduced an array of different features.

However, these have often faced backlash from the Pokemon Go community over various bugs, flaws and how “useless” the different challenges and events have proved to be.

Now, one player has pointed out how frustrating it is that in order to reap the XP and reward benefits of completing the different features in the mobile game, it is best to do the “absolute opposite.”

Pokemon Go players claim every feature is better reversed

Pokemon Go player Foulmouth232 posted: “Stop and think about it: How can it be that pretty much every feature works the best when you do the absolute opposite of what Niantic intended to be done?”

It was paired with an image that gave four examples of what instead to do, when completing Showcases, Routes, Battle League cups and Raids. For Routes, they stated: “Instead of exploring cool new areas, you maximize the benefits by creating short Routes that don’t require you to go anywhere out of your way.”

One player claimed Niantic “don’t actually care if you’re exploring or even moving at all,” as another added: “You’ll get far more Pokémon by going to your local hotspot and walking around the same area.”

“They also want to drain every last cent from you with low-effort tickets – and they definitely don’t care if you walk since it’s the least efficient way of playing,” a trainer responded.

Many revealed they followed the same strategies in order to reap the rewards. As a player shared they using only one Route, which is “the shortest possible that I could make it. It is one of my proudest in-game accomplishments.”

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