Pokemon Go A Mystic Hero event: New Costume Lapras, start date, more

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Pokemon Go has announced a new event centering around Team Mystic’s Leader, Blanche, and an exclusive new Costumed Lapras. Here’s everything trainers need to know about the A Mystic Hero event.

As Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes Season continues on, Niantic has announced new events to keep a steady flow of content coming to the mobile game.

While players are still in the midst of the 2023 Spring into Spring event featuring the debut of Cutiefly and Ribombee, along with new Costumed Pokemon, Niantic has announced the next event in the pipeline.

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Following the Spring into Spring event’s conclusion on April 10, 2023, players can look forward to the A Mystic Hero event, which centers around Team Mystic’s leader Blanche and a special exclusive Lapras.

Pokemon Go A Mystic Hero event start & end date

According to Niantic’s blog post, the A Mystic Hero event will begin on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 10:00 AM and will last until Monday, April 17, 2023, at 8:00 PM local time.

That means players have three days until the 2023 Spring into Spring event concludes to prepare for A Mystic Hero.

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Pokemon Go A Mystic Hero Special Research story

The A Mystic Hero event will feature a brand new Special Research story featuring Blanche of Team Mystic. Thankfully, regardless of what team players are a part of, they will be able to participate in the event.

Trainers who finish the event’s Special Research story will have the chance to encounter a brand new Costumed Lapras, which is wearing a “Blanche-themed accessory” on its left ear.

It’s important to note that this event is the only way to encounter this Costumed Lapras, so players should try their best to complete the Special Research story before April 17.

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Pokemon Go A Mystic Hero event bonuses

Trainers can expect a handful of bonuses during Pokemon Go’s A Mystic Hero event, which includes:

  • 2x XP for evolving Pokemon
  • All Lure Modules activated during the event last for three hours
  • Two guaranteed Candy XL for evolving Pokemon

Pokemon Go A Mystic Hero Timed & Field Research

Finally, the A Mythci Hero event will feature both Timed & Field Research rewards.

The Field Research Tasks will center around evolving and catching Pokemon, and players can earn Stardust and Evolution items as rewards for finishing the event’s Field Research tasks.

As for Timed Research, trainers can earn a Magnetic Lure by completing the respective tasks throughout the event. Stay tuned for our article listing the Timed Research tasks as the event gets closer.

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