Pokemon Go trainers slam Niantic for Adventure Sync issues ahead of global Hoenn Tour

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Pokemon Go trainers have taken to Reddit to slam Niantic over issues with Adventure Sync not working just days ahead of the Global Hoenn Tour event.

It’s that time of year, Pokemon Go is set to launch its latest region-focused global event into the game: Hoenn Tour.

Niantic began the focus on Hoenn Region with a Las Vegas event, but it ended with players enraged at the variety of issues encountered.

Trainers are already finding issues with the upcoming global event, this time regarding egg-locked regional Pokemon and ongoing issues with Adventure Sync.

Pokemon Go trainers slam Niantic over Adventure Sync issues

On February 20, Redditor absolutelymundanity posted their concerns on The Silph Road subreddit. In the message, they asked if Niantic had acknowledged the ongoing issues with Adventure Sync tracking ahead of the Global Hoenn Tour event.

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“I’m not flying to India just for a shiny Torkoal. Why egg-lock them if the game is broken? Without Adventure Sync, I won’t be able to clear my egg stack let alone hatch eggs on the day. As my app will be open most of the day, on that day it’s not the biggest problem but seriously, what is going on,” they asked.

“Have they even acknowledged the issues? I cannot find anything on their ‘known bugs’ page. Am I missing something here?”

During the event, regional Pokemon will be locked behind eggs which will be harder to hatch without Adventure Sync working properly.

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Others quickly flooded the post with their thoughts, collectively slamming Niantic for the recent issues in the process.

“Do they care? Lost my adventure sync weekly egg bc it didn’t register my km walked and couldn’t hatch my egg in time. Extremely sad,” one user said.

Another replied: “Nope Niantic’s response maintains it’s you issue, not an us issue….. Please check your settings.”

Niantic has yet to respond to the ongoing issues with Adventure Sync tracking distance walked, so we’ll have to wait to see if anything is done before the global Hoenn Tour event.

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