Pokemon Go players want major item added to Adventure Sync rewards

Pokemon Go player admits to spoofingNiantic

Pokemon Go players suggest Niantic implement a reward system that gives trainers Egg Incubators after walking a certain distance.

Since Niantic raised the price of Remote Raid Passes on April 6, Pokemon Go users have been up in arms about the cost adjustment. The nerf has negatively impacted in-person raiding, considering the increased difficulty in finding remote players. The price jump has significantly affected disabled players and those from rural communities.

While Niantic’s decision encouraged – or forced – exploration, some trainers claimed the company killed remote play. With the cost of Remote Raid Passes forcing more to venture outside, some players have proposed in-game rewards for exercising.

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Pokemon Go players request Egg Incubators in exchange for walking

An image with Free Egg Incubators in Pokemon GoNiantic

Reddit user GittGudd suggested rewarding trainers with Egg Incubators on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The player claimed Niantic should give an Egg Incubator for passing the weekly 50km milestone. The mobile game’s walking tiers are 5km, 25km, and 50km.

In the comment section, Pokemon Go users highly doubted Niantic would ever start a beneficial program like that.

“I can see the popup so clearly: Too Bad! You didn’t meet your weekly walking quota of 50km. You have lost 50 PokéCoins,” MonolithyK wrote.

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“Agree. But because it might improve the player experience with the game, they won’t implement it,” Regenitor_ said.

“Niantic will see this post and increase the cost of incubators just to spite you,” fusiongt021 joked.

In addition to Egg Incubators, other trainers have proposed that exercising should earn Pokecoins.

One player suggested Niantic should grant one Pokecoin per km. Other recommendations included halving buddy candy distance, XL candy, and Mega Energy while walking.

However, the Pokecoin and Egg Incubator proposals are worrisome for trainers concerned about cheaters artificially increasing their walking distance.

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To learn more about Niantic’s Remote Raid controversy, check out the Change.org petition – which has collected over 100,000 signatures.

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