Pokemon Go fans left frustrated after buggy update deletes roads and more

Philip Trahan
pokemon go shadow trainer

Pokemon Go trainers were left frustrated after the game’s most recent update left the game in quite a buggy state.

The Pokemon Go mobile game is constantly receiving updates to introduce new content like the recently announced A Paldean Adventure event coming in early September 2023.

Unfortunately, these updates sometimes come with some unintended side effects which result in bugs that can negatively affect the player experience.

Now, it seems the most recent Pokemon Go update has come with a handful of nasty bugs, which has left many frustrated at the current state of the game.

Pokemon Go trainers encounter multiple bugs after update

Pokemon Go trainers have flocked to social media to check in with other community members about the bugs they’ve encountered following the version 0.281.0 update.

One of the most prominent bugs introduced in this update seemingly gets rid of any map detail on the overworld. This includes things like paths, roads, PokeStops, and Gyms.

While some players have claimed that uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes the issue, that approach hasn’t worked for most players.

Additionally, it seems as though players are experiencing these issues on both iPhone and Android devices.

The map detail bug isn’t the only issue affecting players with the 0.281.0 update. Some fans have reported a strange glitch that gets rid of any and all details on their Avatar as well.

On top of these issues, fans have claimed some in-game text is completely unreadable, Pokemon left in Gyms are inaccessible, and the game just generally running much worse following the update.

While many members of the community were glad to know they weren’t alone in experiencing these in-game issues, the problems have left many frustrated with the game’s current state.

“Niantic needs to release a major hotfix for this update,” urged one player, after they warned others not to update the game.

Hopefully, Niantic will quickly put out another update to remedy these problems before the Adventures Abound season begins on September 1, 2023.