Pokemon Go 2021 Global Challenge explained: Battle in 40 million Raids

Alex Garton
Pokemon Go Global challenge

A new Global Challenge has been added to Pokemon Go and it has certainly caught the attention of the game’s community. It requires trainers to battle in 40 million Raids for an exclusive reward.

It’s an exciting time to be a trainer in Pokemon Go at the moment with the ongoing Rivals’ Week event adding a range of content to the game. From the debut of Skrelp to the highly-anticipated addition of Therian Forme Landorus to the game, it’s fair to say there’s a lot going on in the title.

Of course, as with every Pokemon Go event, Niantic adds a set of challenges for players to complete. However, Rivals’ Week has introduced a new Global Challenge that has caught the attention of trainers and piqued their interest.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the challenge and what rewards are up for grabs.

Pokemon Go challenge
Pokemon Go is played by millions of trainers across the globe.

How to complete ‘Battle in 40 million Raids’ challenge

Unlike standard individual challenges in Pokemon Go, Global Challenges require the game’s community to work together and collectively reach a goal. For Rivals’ Week specifically, players will need to Battle in 40 Million Raids within a certain time period.

While this seems like a daunting task, Pokemon Go has an enormous player base that is definitely capable of completing the goal in time. All you have to do to help the cause is take part in as many Raids as possible before the end date.

What’s the end date for the Global Challenge?

The ongoing Global Challenge will run for the duration of Rival’s Week, so that’s from April 13 to April 18, 2021. You can keep track of the event directly in-game on the challenges menu – it even includes a countdown timer!

Pokemon GO
Pokemon Go Rivals’ Week started on April 13.

Global Challenge 2021 Rewards

For completing the challenge, Pokemon Go trainers will receive 2x Catch Stardust. This will no doubt be rewarded to players at the end of the Rivals’ Week if the community succeeds and manage to battle in 40 million Raids.

Keep in mind, this challenge is only available for the duration of Rivals’ Week so contribute while you can. With enough trainers taking part in Raids, everyone can get their hands on the exclusive rewards.