Pokemon fan devastated after accidentally washing rare Charizard card in viral TikTok

TikTok creator Ivy R next to destroyed Pokemon CardTikTok: im.ivy.r

A viral TikTok had Game Freak fans reeling after a collector accidentally washed their rare Pokemon Card in the washing machine. 

Regardless of age, we all have that story of looking everywhere for something we’ve lost, only to find it’s been destroyed in the washing machine. Parents warn us of leaving things in our pockets for a reason.

One Pokemon fan learned this the hard way after accidentally destroying a rare Charizard Pokemon card by washing it. The devastated collector’s viral TikTok shows the damage done to the TCG collectible – and it’s heartbreaking.

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TikToker goes viral after accidentally destroying Pokemon card

Pokemon fan ‘Ivy R‘ shared the TCG disaster in a series of TikTok posts in December. In the first video which now has 13.5 million views, the collector recorded a clip of her discovering one of her lost Pokemon cards in the washing machine.

“I am f**king shocked right now. I don’t even know what to say or feel right now,” she exclaimed, before lifting the card to reveal it to be a Charizard from the 2005 expansion Delta Series. “Oh my god!”

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Despite the incredible amounts of water damage, Ivy revealed in a comment that she still plans on sending it out for grading. “The Zard is getting graded. I reached out to CGC LOL,” she wrote.

While many Pokemon fans mourned and felt her pain of losing such a coveted item, others jokingly encouraged the TikToker to try to save the card by leaving it in a bowl of rice.

In a handful of videos, Ivy R tried the rice method to soak up the water. However, on December 12, she uploaded an update to show just how damaged Charizard had become.

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“People really trying to buy this card LOL. You guys, the Charizard card is done. 5 million people have seen his wrinkly body…he’s dead,” she wrote in a second comment.

Although the TCG collectible is a lost cause, the viral video can at least serve as a reminder to the rest of us to check your pockets.