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Pokemon Direct – Gen 8 news, start time, watch it here

Published: 27/Feb/2019 3:09 Updated: 27/Feb/2019 13:20

by Paul Cot


Nintendo have been saving something for Pokemon Day! Yes, a special Pokemon Direct event has been confirmed , and it’s almost certain that it will feature a Gen 8 reveal.

Pokemon Direct livestream

When is the Pokemon Direct presentation?

The time between the Pokemon Direct announcement and the presentation itself isn’t long. The 7 minute long presentation will start today (February 27) at 6am PST. That’s 9am EST and 2pm GMT.

Gen 8 incoming?

We know the 8th generation of Pokemon is coming in late 2019 and that it will be released on the Nintendo Switch. However, other than these details, there is no further information, at least in an official capacity.

The Pokemon Direct presentation probably won’t provide all the details we hope to see but will at a minimum provide the name of the Pokemon game, a release date, some basic details and some form of teaser trailer.


Previous mainline Pokemon game announcements have seen additional details held back for future announcements. Given the hype, and the large platform, Nintendo probably won’t be too stingy with details. Nevertheless, be prepared to still be asking plenty of questions upon the conclusion of Pokemon Direct.

Here is the last Pokemon Direct from 2017:

Other Pokemon news

While the Gen 8 release will undoubtedly be the biggest news to come from Pokemon Direct, it’s unlikely it will be the only Pokemon news announced. Previous Pokemon Directs have usually provided details about more than one Pokemon topic.

Consequently, we could hear some big Pokemon Go news. There is also the chance of an additional Pokemon game announcement. Potentially this could be a Gen 4 remake in 2020, and even a reference to a Pokemon Let’s Go 2 Johto game further down the line.


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