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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake leak reveals details on next trailer

Published: 2/Jun/2021 10:29

by James Busby


The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes are just a few months away from release, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from flowing. 

Pokemon fans had heard rumblings and rumors online about a possible Diamond and Pearl remake, so when this was confirmed, the monster-collecting fandom went into overdrive.However, this hype was quickly tempered when the eagerly anticipated Sinnoh remakes were shown off at the Pokemon Presents conference. Instead of featuring similar visuals to that of Sword/Shield and the Let’s Go games, the remakes went for a very different approach.

While past Pokemon games have never been graphically intensive, they have always oozed both charm and style – two areas many Pokemon fans believe are missing from the Diamond and Pearl remakes. In fact, the distaste for the chibi art style has led to a lot of anger being voiced online. However, a new leak indicates that the developers behind the remakes have been busy enhancing the graphics of both titles. 


Diamond and Pearl remake graphical change

Screenshot of chibi Dawn from Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Pokemon.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The chibi art style has divided the Pokemon fanbase.

With E3 fast approaching and the leaks of a Switch Pro being announced soon, many Pokemon fans will be eagerly awaiting further updates on the Diamond and Pearl remakes. While The Pokemon Company finally gave the remakes an official release window, they have been very quiet with regards to the overall gameplay. 

According to the reliable Pokemon leaker, Centro Leaks, the remakes will be getting a new trailer soon. This is hardly surprising given how close we are to E3 and the game’s official release, but the most interesting part is Centro Leaks were told that the graphics have improved “a lot”. 


When asked to clarify whether this meant the remakes had moved away from the chibi art style, the leaker replied: “No. Don’t expect the art style to change. But expect the graphics to be polished significantly.”

So, there you have it, whether this leak ends up being true remains to be seen, but we’ll undoubtedly hear more about this in the months to come. 

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