Pokemon card collector’s heartbreaking TCG Halloween story goes viral

Pokemon Anime Ash Ketchum crying next to Pokemon Go Halloween posterThe Pokemon Company / Unsplash: Sebbi Strauch

A Pokemon fan giving out rare Pokemon Trading Card Game collectibles on Halloween went viral after sharing a devastating update to their generous trick-or-treat gifts.

Many have memories from their childhood of discovering that one house on Halloween that gave away the extra-large size candy bars. But what if instead of just sweets, you were also given rare Pokemon cards?

That is what one Pokemon TCG collector set out to do for this year’s festive October holiday. However, their incredible plan completely backfired and didn’t go as planned. The tragic result has many in the community feeling heartbroken. 

Pokemon Go Halloween wallpaperNiantic / The Pokemon Company
One fan wanted to create the ultimate Pokemon Halloween experience for trick or treaters.

Viral Pokemon card Halloween story breaks hearts

On October 31, Team Liquid Streamer ‘GlitchxCity’ went viral after revealing their wholesome plan to give out Pokemon cards from the highly-sought after Celebrations expansion to kids on Halloween.

After packaging each TCG booster pack with a goody bag full of candy and a rare holographic card, the Pokemon fan readied to make many children’s dreams come true. However, things didn’t turn out the way they expected. 

In a heartbreaking update, Glitch tweeted, “Sat outside for 3 hours, only 3 kids stopped by. I know times are changing but I’m still pretty bummed about it, we made 50 of these.”

The heartbreaking story quickly went viral, with many in the Pokemon community feeling sad by the outcome. “I’m sorry, but your heart was in it and we all appreciate that,” Pokemon YouTuber TAHK0 responded. Other fans also rallied behind the Team Liquid streamer. 

“When I was a kid, I would have been freaking out so hard. That is like the best Halloween treat I’ve ever seen!” one user exclaimed. Another agreed and wrote, “You are amazing and I’m sure the Halloweens yet to come will bring more joy than this year!”

Pokemon fans react to sad Halloween story 

Although GlitchxCity’s incredible plan didn’t play out the way they intended, many Nintendo fans praised them for creating the best Halloween treats of all time.

If nothing else, the story is the best example of the Pokemon community giving back to the newer generation of players. After all, new Trainers are essential for the series continuing to go strong after 25 years.