Pokemon artist goes viral with amazing Diamond & Pearl remastered trailer

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining PearlTwitter @millenniumloops

A digital artist has gone viral by recreating the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl trailers with modern graphics, and trainers are loving it.

The Pokemon Company finally announced what fans have been waiting years for in February: remakes of Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo Switch are on the way, and they’re officially called Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

While the news was welcomed by trainers around the world, the remake’s graphics have caused a bit of a rift in the community. Instead of using Sword & Shield models, characters in the game appear as 3D chibi sprites.

Screenshot of chibi Dawn from Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Pokemon.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Trainers are divided over the graphics in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

There’s no denying that the graphics are cute, but for some players, they represent a step backward – especially after seeing the modern graphics that will be present in the upcoming open-world title, Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl fan trailer goes viral

A digital artist known as Millennium has decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a new trailer for the remakes complete with modern cel-shaded graphics, and it’s very different from the games we’re actually getting.

“I decided to make a reimagined trailer of the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games the way I wanted them to be. This is just my take on it. I have used models from previous Pokemon games as well as some things that I created myself,” explained Millennium.

The trailer, which was made in just one week, has gone viral with over 25,000 likes on Twitter. Pokemon fans have united in praise for the graphics style, with many explaining that this is how they wanted the remakes to appear on Switch.

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“This concept hits hard on what I was expecting for console Pokemon,” wrote one Twitter user. Another added, “I’m not gonna bash the remakes because I like the way they look, but MAN this looks cool.”

The artist made sure to point out that this isn’t going to be a real game, it’s merely a concept trailer, but it’s definitely interesting to see what the game could’ve looked like if The Pokemon Company decided to use modern graphics.

While you wait for the new remakes to release on Nintendo Switch later this year, here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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