Ultimate Pokemon Diamond & Pearl quiz – how well do you know Sinnoh?

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With Trainers revisiting Sinnoh with the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes in late 2021, there’s no better time to test your knowledge of the beloved region. How well do you really remember Gen IV?

After 15 years, fans are finally getting their wish: Diamond & Pearl are being brought to the modern day. Named Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, the Sinnoh classics are being brought to Nintendo Switch with 3D chibi-style remakes.

With three games already under its belt, the region has a lot going on. While villains are trying to create a world without spirit, there’s a whole horde of new monsters to catch – can you recall everything?

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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Sinnoh region quiz

Our ultimate Pokemon Diamond & Pearl quiz covers everything a Gen 4 savant should know. Who’s the Professor again? What level does Turtwig evolve at? These might sound like easy questions, but do you really remember? It’s time to test yourself!

Take our ultimate quiz and see how you fare. Are you a Pokemon Master? Or do you need to go back to Trainer School?

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So, how well did you do? Did you beat the Elite Four and become the Champion? Or did you have to rush to a Pokemon Center to heal up?

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Some of the questions are definitely harder than others, but if you’re a seasoned Sinnoh region Trainer, you should get a score of at least 10! If not, play Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl when they release and try again – you’ll be a Master in no time.

Let us know what you scored on our Pokemon Twitter, @PokemonSwordNS!