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New Pokemon Sword & Shield feature discovered year after release

Published: 12/Nov/2020 0:57

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon YouTuber went viral after discovering an all-new feature in Sword & Shield’s Raid den battles 12 months after the game released.

The Pokemon franchise was ushered into its eighth generation with the debut of Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The hit RPG introduced players to the Galar region for the very first time.

Despite releasing over a year ago, a new feature has been found in the game’s popular Raid den battles. The community was floored that a secret could go that long without being discovered.


YouTuber discovers new Pokemon Sword & Shield feature.
Twitter: @TAHK0
The Pokemon content creator made the discovery by accident.

New secret discovered in Pokemon Sword & Shield a year later

One of the key features introduced in the Gen 8 title was online Raid dens. Trainers could connect online and team up with a group of players to take on a giant-sized Pokemon in an epic battle.

However, despite the community having poured in hundreds of thousands of hours into the mode, a certain feature slipped past most fans for an entire year. That is, until a YouTuber found it on November 11. According to the viral video, shaking your Joycon makes your Trainer cheer during battles.

Popular Pokemon content creator ‘TAHK0’ discovered the feature by accident while in the middle of a Raid.”I might have just stumbled on a brand new discovery in pokemon sword and shield while I was bored grinding,” he wrote on Twitter.


Players usually have the option to “Cheer On” their teammates if their Pokemon has been knocked out. However, the Joycon feature allows your character to physically cheer throughout the battle even when your monster is still alive.

While the discovery isn’t groundbreaking by any means, it’s still neat to see Game Freak put small attention to details that are only now being found months after the game’s initial debut.

On November 15, Sword & Shield will officially celebrate its one year launch anniversary. So it’s pretty mind blowing that players are still making new discoveries about Galar.