Meet Pokemon Sword & Shield’s new legendaries – Kubfu, Urshifu & Calyrex

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Pokemon / Nintendo

Game Freak have produced one of the most excitement announcements for Pokemon Sword and Shield during the first Pokemon Direct of the year. New legendary Pokemon are coming. 

The game’s developers shocked the world with the reveal during a press conference on January 9, where they unpacked their downloadable content roadmap for 2020 – and it looks stacked.

There’s a brand new Expansion Pass for players to pick up in both Sword and Shield, both of which will take you on different paths to new locations.

Pokemon / Nintendo
New locations will be unlocked in two sets of DLC, with the first coming in June.

At these new spots you will find Pokemon you’ve never seen before, unseen in the Galar Region or those that have came before it. The first DLC pack is called the Isle of Armor and the second is The Crown Tundra.

Along with fresh places to explore, as is usually the case, there’s a legendary Pokemon waiting there to be caught and the first one you’re going to have the pleasure of meeting is called Kubfu.

Kubfu, along with its evolved form, will be included in the Isle of Armor expansion that arrives in June. Check them out below.

Isle of Armor legendary Pokemon


Pokemon / NintendoHere’s our first-look at Kubfu in Pokemon.

Kubfu is a fighting-type Pokemon that will eventually evolve into Urshifu, a multi-form Pokemon that has many different qualities.

The type of its evolved version will depend on which style it adopts after it evolves. These include Single Strike Style, which will mean the Pokemon is a dark/fighting-type, or Rapid Strike Style, which will mean it’s fighting/water-type. Check it out.


Pokemon / NintendoHere’s what Kubfu will soon become, once it’s strong enough.

The Crown Tundra’s legendary Pokemon


That’s not all in terms of legendaries, though, as a brand new Pokemon will also emerge as part of the second batch of downloadable content this Fall – and its name is Calyrex.

Pokemon / NintendoCalyrex will be added when the second expansion pack launches this Fall.

Calyrex is a psychic/grass-type legendary Pokemon. According to its official lore, the Pokemon can “see every past, present, and future event” which should be pretty handy in battle. It sounds like it can predict everybody’s next move, but we’ll soon find out if that’s the case.

So, there you have it! Those are the three upcoming legendary Pokemon for Sword and Shield. The first two aren’t too far away, either.

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