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How To Capture Legendary Pokemon in Let’s Go

Published: 23/Nov/2018 21:24 Updated: 25/Nov/2018 3:39

by Paul Cot


There are many legendary Pokemon but none more so than Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo. Here is our capture guide for them in Pokemon Let’s Go!

Legendary Pokemon

The term legendary is subjective and therefore which Pokemon are legendary is open for debate. However, most Pokemon trainers consider, at least in generation one, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo to be the legendary Pokemon.


They all have two things in common which is an essential requirement to be considered a legendary Pokemon. That is they are all rare and very powerful.

Legendary Pokemon Spawn Rates

We did say a legendary Pokemon needs to be rare and they don’t come any rare than these four


They were so rare than back in the days of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow that you had one opportunity to catch them! That’s right, one! If you spent over 24 hours on a game, found Mewtwo and failed to capture it for whatever reason that was your once chance gone!

Hopefully most of you saved the game before battling these legends.

Pokemon Let’s Go Spawn Rates

Fortunately, although still rare, they aren’t quite as rare as the original Gameboy games. Once you capture the initial one time sightings of these Pokemon then they will become rare spawns in the wild. We’re not talking 10% rare either, you’ll need to do some searching in order to come across them. Moreover, you’ll need to be flying on your own Pokemon. Mewtwo remains a one time seen Pokemon though.


Increasing The Chance of Rare Spawns

There are two primary ways to increase the odds of encountering a rare spawn Pokemon. Firstly, use your lure, super lure and max lure items to increase the number of spawning Pokemon. Secondly, Pokemon Let’s Go has introduced catch combos. Catch the same species of Pokemon consecutively to increase your catch combo. This will result in an increased chance of encountering that Pokemon again. We appreciate it’s a difficult task getting a catch combo with Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres though.

Where to find the Legendary Pokemon – Spawn Locations

Before these Pokemon spawn in the wild (minus Mewtwo) you’ll need to defeat and capture them first. With other wild Pokemon you can simply attempt to catch them in Pokemon Let’s Go.

With Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo however, you’ll need to defeat them first. Each of them are located in deep areas of the Kanto region. Much like the old Pokemon games, they are level 50 when you capture them. Mewtwo on the other hand is level 70.

The legendary Articuno in Pokemon Let’s Go…

Capture Articuno Location

You won’t encounter Articuno until over half way through the game. The legendary flying-ice type Pokemon is located in the deep caves of Seaform Islands.

Finding Articuno is more complicated than Zapdos but is by no means a too difficult task. Using strong push, another 2018 name used for one of the original HMs, you’ll need to move boulders to change the flow of the rivers. This will open new areas and allow you to find Articuno.


At this point of the game your Pokemon should be able to comfortably defeat Articuno. However, if you want to make sure of it, use a water type Pokemon to nullify Articuno’s ice attacks.

Overworld Articuno Spawn

The rare spawn locations differ between Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. For the sake of clarity here are the spawn locations that work on both games: Route 1-4, 7-8, 10-19 and 21-25.

The legendary Zapdos in Pokemon Let’s Go…

Capture Zapdos Location

Zapdos is located in the Power Plant, surprise surprise. You will need a Pokemon who has learnt sea skim, the 2018 equivalent of surf, to get to the Power Plant.

Once there, getting all the way through to the lurking Zapdos is a relatively easy task. This is partly due to the lack of wild encounters.

Depending on the stage of the game you’re at when you eventually attempt to catch Zapdos, you will need to think about what type of Pokemon you have with you. If relatively early it would best to bring a rock type Pokemon with you.

Overworld Zapdos Spawn

The rare spawn locations once again differ between Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Routes that Zapdos will appear on in both games: Route 1-4, 7-10, 11-19 and 21-25.

The legendary Moltress in Pokemon Let’s Go…

Capture Moltres Location

Moltres is found in Victory Road. Think of Victory Road as a culmination of the skills you’ve picked up throughout your Pokemon Let’s Go journey.

The legendary fire and flying Pokemon is easier to find than its fellow legendary bird Pokemon. You’ll find Moltres one floor down from where you enter.

Similar to Zapdos, a rock type Pokemon is the optimum Pokemon to defeat Moltres with. However, if you can’t defeat Moltres with your current Pokemon, you should probably turn around and battle some more. Defeating the Elite Four will be a lot harder than Moltres!

Overworld Moltres Spawn

The rare spawn points for Moltress on both games are as follows: Route 1-4, 7-8, 10-19 and 21-25.

The rarest of all Pokemon in Let’s Go – Mewtwo

Capture Mewtwo Location

Mewtwo is arguably the most legendary of Pokemon available in the Kanto region. It is located in Cerulean caves. You will have seen this on your way through Cerulean City the first time.

Now you have defeated the Elite Four you’ll be able to enter the cave though. The Cerulean Cave is littered with rare Pokemon so you may pick up quite a haul on your way to Mewtwo.

After your experience gained in defeating the Elite Four, Mewtwo should fall without too much difficulty. Nevertheless it is level 70 so don’t expect a pushover. Specifically, Mewtwo is located on floor B1F. Learn from the mistakes of yesteryear though and SAVE the game first.

What About Mew?

Mew isn’t available in the Kanto region in Pokemon Let’s Go. However, it is part of a bonus when purchasing the Poke Ball Plus.

Pokemon News

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Pokemon Go November Community Day rumors: Who will headline?

Published: 7/Oct/2020 14:59

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go November Community Day is still a good month away, but that hasn’t stopped trainers speculating as to what the headliner could be.

November is of course the penultimate Pokemon Go Community Day of the year. It is also the last one in which Pokemon fans will try to predict the headliner.


That is because the December CD is traditionally a mega Community Day of sorts. It brings the previous headliners from that year and makes them all available in one event.

Presumably, it will be the same for 2020. It is a day in which Pokemon Go trainers of all levels do their best to make sure they don’t miss out on!


Before we get there though, we still need to find out what the 10th headliner of 2020 will be. That isn’t a typo, as there will only be 11 in total this year because March’s CD was canceled due to the global health crisis – you may have heard about it.

No vote for November?

Niantic have made it a habit of letting us decide which Pokemon headline Community Days in 2020. In fact, 5 of the 10 from 2020 have been decided via vote.

The latest two votes however, have decided the following two Community Days. With October already in place with Charmander, there is only November to decide.


While that doesn’t rule out another vote entirely, it would seemingly make it less likely November’s would be decided by one.


So, if it isn’t to be decided by us, who are the contenders. The one that first comes to mind is Snivy.

Ever since Piplup headlined in January, we haven’t had another starter, at least a new one. At the time it was expected Snivy would be the featured ‘mon for March, which would have been in line with Niantic’s pattern of alternating between starter and non-starters.


Snivy may have been delayed because the Pokemon Go developers realized they were running out of starter ‘mons to use. Of the released Pokemon in the mobile game, it is only the Gen 5 starters that haven’t headlined, although Gen 6’s introduction is expected soon. So, 10 months on from the last one, it could be time for the Unova grass-type starter.

Snivy Pokemon Go
Snivy would seemingly be the leading contender for the November CD…

Deino or Gible?

Deino and Gible are two of the more popular Pokemon in the entire franchise and have been rumored as headliners. Unfortunately, that is why either of them making an appearance may be wishful thinking.


Both are super rare spawns and putting them as a featured Pokemon for a Community Day would certainly take away from their current allure. Besides, Niantic likely knows they can rely on them to boost other events, even if they do remain rare spawn rates.

Hopefully, they will headline a Community Day at some point in the future but 2020 seems unlikely at best.

Other contenders

The other most likely candidates for November are Exeggcute and Starly. Both were previously revealed to be included in another vote which never materialized.

Bulbasaur and Magikarp were also in there but the latter has already headlined in 2020, and Bulbasaur seems an unlikely option outside of a vote.

The Pokemon Go CD will likely take place in the second half of November. The 22nd seems the most likely day as this would keep distance between the previous one and adhere to alternating Saturday and Sundays.