Is Pokemon Unite releasing soon? New website sparks speculation

Pokemon Unite logo featuring Charizard and GarchompThe Pokemon Company

A newly discovered subdomain has Pokemon fans speculating as to whether Pokemon Unite’s release could be imminent. Is the MOBA team-based mobile title releasing sooner than we think?

Pokemon Unite was officially unveiled in 2020. Outside of a few features leaking online and a beta test in select countries, not a lot is actually known about the team-battle game.

Fans eagerly awaiting the free-to-play mobile title became excited when an official site domain for the game was discovered to be activated in June 2021. Is it going to be releasing soon?

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Pokemon Unite roster listThe Pokemon Company
The Pokemon MOBA team-battle title still has no release date.

Pokemon Unite website sparks speculation about its release date

In an interview last July, The Pokemon Company’s Kenjiro Ito explained that a release date had not yet been decided due to the “progress of localization and development” needed for a worldwide launch. Since then there have been no updates as to when players can get their hands on the team-battler.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that TPC had activated a subdomain for Unite. Popular French outlet Pokekalos first reported the discovery and uploaded images of the website. While the page itself does not have anything on it yet, the publication pointed out that it had only recently been activated.

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They also argued that the release could be fairly soon given the site update. “PokémonUNITE: the game’s release is imminent, The Pokémon Company has just uploaded the subdomain,” a rough translation of the June 9 tweet read.

Does this mean that the MOBA title could release this summer? Well, not exactly. It’s not that uncommon for companies to activate subdomains while preparing to market a project. However, it should be pointed out that The Pokemon Company specifically has a history of making major announcements following subdomains going active.

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In January 2021, a subdomain was discovered for Sinnoh remakes Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, one month before its reveal trailer in February. Fans had even discovered the website for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but at the time no one knew that the game existed.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see Unite at either Nintendo’s E3 Direct on June 15 or another digital conference in July. But at this point, it’s all just speculation. Based on its beta tests in March though, the game looks pretty far along.

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