How to turn on Silent Mode on Pokemon Go Plus+

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go Plus+ silent mode

The Pokemon Go Plus+ is a fantastic piece of technology for any Pokemon Go fan, allowing them to catch Pokemon, spin PokeStops, and even track their sleep for rewards – but how do you stop it from making so much noise? Here’s how to turn on Silent Mode on your Pokemon Go Plus+.

As one of the newer elements of the Pokemon franchise, many players are looking to add this new bit of kit to their Pokemon collection. However, with the new item has come its fair share of frustrations and questions regarding its options.

For example, many wonder how they can connect their Pokemon Go Plus+ to Pokemon Go, and how to stop it from making all that noise. So, here’s how you can turn on Silent Mode on your Pokemon Go Plus+.

How to enable Silent Mode on your Pokemon Go Plus+

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Thankfully, turning on Silent mode on your Pokemon Go Plus+ is relatively simple, and only requires a few steps:

  1. Press and hold the top button and the main button for over 1 second.
  2. When it vibrates twice, it will be put into Silent Mode.

However, it’s worth noting that Silent Mode won’t stop the Vibrations and LED lights on your Pokemon Go Plus+. There is currently no way to turn these off, which can be frustrating. If a way to do this gets added, we’ll be updating this article so be sure to check back soon.

There you have it, that’s how to turn on Silent Mode on your Pokemon Go Plus+. Also check our guides on how to get Best Buddy statushow IVs & CP work in the game, and some of our rankings like the Best Competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Go, or the Best Mega Evolutions.

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