Pokemon Go trainers discover “cringe” problem with Go Plus+ item already

Chris Studley
Pokemon Go Plus+ device

Pokemon Go trainers discovered a “cringe” problem with the new Go Plus+ device that can be paired with the mobile game.

The new Pokemon Go Plus+ device has rolled out to some trainers. The Go Plus+ is designed to be able to catch wild Pokemon and collect from PokeStops, without scrolling through a phone.

However, some have taken exception to several of the Go Plus+’s features.

In particular, some users pointed out that there is no option to disable the light and vibration on the Go Plus+.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ device in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players find issue with Go Plus+

The Pokemon Go Plus+ officially released on July 14 in the United States, but some did manage to get their hands on the device early. However, one trainer discovered a “cringe” problem with the device while outside.

On Twitter, a trainer documented that the Go Plus+ would light up like a “disco” every time it was in the vicinity of a PokeStop or spawned Pokemon. Additionally, the device’s vibration and light could not be turned off, even in Silent mode.

It is important to note that developer has been clear about the inability to shut the device’s light off. Per the official Pokemon Go Plus+ FAQs, it can’t be turned off.

Additionally, vibration notifications for the PokeStops and Pokemon spawns can’t be shut off, either. The only way to address the vibration issue is by turning off notifications entirely.

While the inability to switch off the lights or the vibration has perturbed some, there has been positive feedback, thus far, on the Go Plus+’s capabilities.

In addition to being able to spin PokeStops, the Go Plus+ also offers trainers the option to throw Great and Ultra Balls at wild Pokemon, compatibility with Pokemon Sleep, and a Special Research challenge in Go that features a Snorlax encounter as a reward.

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