How to get Shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Sword & Shield

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shiny zeraora pokemon

[jwplayer dWIP3S6z]After one million Trainers defeated Shiny Zeraora during the Max Raid Battle event in June, The Pokemon Company awarded every player with the monster for free. Here’s how to get it and transfer it to Sword & Shield.

From June 17 to 28, Sword & Shield players were able to battle the Shiny version of Electric-type Mythical Pokemon Zeraora in Max Raids – though, they couldn’t catch it. Instead, it was promised that if one million people could defeat the monster during the special event, it would be given out for free.

The huge feat was achieved, and Nintendo followed through on their word, making the rare ‘mon available for everyone until July 6. Here’s how to get it, and how to transfer it to the Nintendo Switch title.

shiny zeraora
Zeraora first appeared in Ultra Sun & Moon on 3DS.

How to claim Shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Home

Before you can get your free monster, you’ll need to have transferred a creature from Sword or Shield into Home, or vice versa, between June 17 and July 6. That’s for everybody, too – not just those who participated in the Raid originally.

It also should be stated that you’re only able to receive the ‘mon via the mobile phone application version of Home, not the Nintendo Switch one, so make sure you download that from the appropriate app store.

Once you’re in the application, click on Menu at the bottom of the screen. Then click on Mystery Gift, select Gift Box, and then click on Receive.

You’ll also get gifted a download code for some pieces of Armorite Ore. These are used exclusively in the Isle of Armor DLC, so make sure you redeem it if you’re playing.

pokemon home
Redeem via the Mystery Gift menu in Home.

How to transfer Shiny Zeraora to Sword & Shield

To get the rare creature in Gen VIII, you’re going to need to download Home on your Nintendo Switch. You should already have this given the requirements to earn the monster during the promotion anyway, but just in case.

Once you’ve booted the app up, click on Pokemon. Then select Sword & Shield, before hitting Yes. This will take you to your Boxes – your Home ones, and your Sw/Sh ones.

Then simply move Zeraora over from one Box to the other, and hit the + button on your Switch to save. If you boot up the game and head to where you stored the critter, you should be able to move it into your Party.

The creature is level 100, meaning you’ll be able to take on Max Raids with ease while also showing off that your sweet new Shiny ‘mon.

shiny zeraora
The Shiny version is white instead of yellow.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you redeem Zeraora in the mobile version of Pokemon Home before July 6, otherwise you’re out of luck.

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