How to get Zarude in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Zarude guideGame Freak / Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company are offering players the chance to get Zarude very easily in Sword & Shield, and you won’t have to go hunting for it or prepare your Ultra Balls; all you’ll need is a code.

Pokemon fans will be well aware that Zarude is arriving in the game towards the tail end of this year and the start of 2021, with various forms of distribution globally.

Now, following issues with the lack of distribution on GAME’s online store after it was announced for the UK, players from the region can instead get Zarude through the Pokemon Trainer Club.

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Here’s what you need to do.

How to get Zarude in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Zarude Sword and Shield locationGame Freak / Pokemon Company
Zarude will likely be found in forest areas of Sword and Shield.

Zarude is one of those mythical legendaries added to Sword and Shield that aren’t exactly the main legendaries in the game, such as Zacian and Zamazenta, but due to its rarity and unavailability until now, players will be desperately trying to add it to their party.

Now, players in the UK and across Europe can follow these steps to get themselves a code to unlock Zarude in Sword & Shield:

  1. Visit the Pokemon Trainer Club.
  2. Ensure you have an account by logging in.
  3. If you don’t, Register for an account before December 18, 2020.
  4. From the Edit Profile page, scroll down to the Marketing Preference section.
  5. Confirm that the “I would like to receive marketing communications, including email messages with the latest news, offers, promotions, events, and games, and other ways to receive marketing communications from The Pokémon Company International.” box is checked.
  6. Once this is done, you should receive a redeemable code in January 2021.

When added to your game, Zarude should be level 60, making it immediately competitive within the game without too much training required.

What do we currently know about Zarude?

  • Category: Rogue Monkey Pokemon
  • Type: Dark and Grass
  • Height: 1.8m (5ft 10′)
  • Ability: Leaf Guard
Zarude typingGame Freak / Pokemon Company
While info surrounding this Mythical Pokemon is scarce, we do know Zarude will be extremely powerful.

Zarude may not be officially released in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but we do have a fair amount of information on this Mythical monster. According to the official Pokemon website, Zarude uses its flexible vines to swing from trees, grab berries from distant branches, heal wounds, and even pummel enemy Pokemon into submission.  

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The dual Dark/Grass-type is also known to live in packs and inhabit areas of dense forest, keeping itself hidden from prying eyes. Like most apes, Zarude is known for its intelligence and quick thinking which is said to help it in battle. 

Zarude moveset and ability

zarude moveset and ability Pokemon Sword ShieldNintendoLife
Zarude’s moves aren’t the best at first, but Jungle Healing could be a game-changer.

According to the above graphic from NintendoLife, Zarude will have the following moves when you get it:

  • Close Combat
  • Power Whip
  • Swagger
  • Snarl

It’s also said that they will learn the move Jungle Healing at level 90. This Grass-type move allows Zarude to wrap its vines around nearby trees and absorbs their energy. Once all the energy has been absorbed, Zarude then releases it, healing both itself and any ally Pokemon. Jungle Healing also cures any status conditions that a Pokemon has been inflicted with, making it an extremely potent support move. 

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The official Sword and Shield website states “Within Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, only Zarude can learn Jungle Healing. However, it is possible other Pokémon may be able to learn this move in future games.” Depending on how effective and game-changing Jungle Healing is, we could see this move become extremely popular in competitive play.  

If that wasn’t enough, Zarude’s Leaf Guard ability prevents it from being afflicted by non-volatile status conditions. This ability was first introduced in Gen 4 and has been a staple pick for those aiming to avoid any frustrating status effects. 

If you’re looking for more Pokemon news and updates, head over to @PokemonSwordNS for all the latest information.

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