Hoopa Unbound best moveset in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

. 7 months ago
Hoopa Unbound with its best moveset in Pokemon GO

With Hoopa Unbound finally making its Pokemon Go debut, many Trainers will be wondering what its best moveset looks like – and whether it’s any good for PvP battles with other Trainers.

When the Kalos region’s Mythical Hoopa joined the Pokemon Go lineup at the start of the Season of Mischief, many Trainers were disappointed that it served more as a Pokedex filler than a real contender for PvP or Raids.

That may be about to change with the arrival of Hoopa Unbound, though, as this powered-up form improves on the original in almost every way, so it’s definitely something Trainers will want to add to their collection.

Once you’ve finished the Mischief Unbound Special Research story and unlocked Hoopa Unbound, we’ve got details on the best moveset you need to unleash its full power, as well as an analysis of its performance in the game.


Hoopa Unbound appearing in Pokemon Go
Hoopa Unbound has arrived, and it’s much better than its Confined form.

Hoopa Unbound best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Hoopa Unbound is Confusion as a Fast Move and Psychic as a Charged Move. This combination gives it a Psychic-type build rather than a Ghost-type build, which has the most potential for both PvP and Raids.

Hoopa Unbound only has two Fast Moves to choose from, and it’s an easy decision to make, as Confusion deals three times as much damage as Astonish despite having a similar amount of energy gain. To put it simply; Astonish is a bad move.

Continuing the Psychic-type theme, you’ll want Psychic as Hoopa Unbound’s primary Charged Move. If you can afford a second Charged Move (although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend wasting your resources), go with Dark Pulse.

All moves Hoopa Unbound can learn in Pokemon Go

Hoopa Unbound has two potential Fast Moves and three potential Charged Moves, spanning across Ghost, Psychic, and Dark. We’ve listed them all below.

Hoopa Unbound Fast Moves

  • Astonish (Ghost)
  • Confusion (Psychic)

Hoopa Unbound Charged Moves

  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Psychic (Psychic)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Pokemon Hoopa Unbound
The Pokemon Company
Hoopa Unbound’s terrifying appearance is backed up by a massive Attack stat.

Is Hoopa Unbound any good in Pokemon Go?

Hoopa Unbound is an improvement over Hoopa Confined, with a massive increase in Attack (261 to 311), a much higher max CP (3793 to 4530), and a very small increase in Defense (187 to 191), although its low Stamina sadly remains the same.

It also benefits from becoming a Psychic/Dark-type when it changes form, which means it only has two weaknesses, Fairy and Bug. This is much better than the Psychic/Ghost-type Hoopa Confined’s double weakness to both Ghost and Dark-types.

Despite these improvements, Hoopa Unbound can’t escape its status as a glass cannon. It has a huge Attack stat, allowing it to dish out some incredible damage, but it won’t last long at all thanks to its low Defense and Stamina stats.

Ultimately, neither Hoopa form is going to be much use in PvP battles, but Hoopa Unbound is at least an improvement over its Confined form. It has the most potential in Raids against Fighting and Poison-types, thanks to its huge damage potential.

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