Heartwarming Pokemon mini-series featuring Snorlax released on YouTube

Andres Velez
Pokemon animated series

The fourth part of an endearing and beautifully animated Project Snorlax mini-series is now out on YouTube.

2023 has been a wonderful year for fans of the Pokemon franchise, especially for fans of its epic animated series. With the end of Ash’s journey, several new doors opened. The anime has trialed different animation styles, with its old-style PokeToon shorts, and claymation Pokemon Concierge.

This 4-part series featured an unlikely duo. The lonesome, overindulgent Snorlax, and a mournful Cubone. Together, they pull through a difficult year, making it out of hibernation to a magnificent spring.

Pokemon’s Project Snorlax

The series is part of The Pokemon Company’s ‘Project Snorlax’, a social media project which saw the Pokemon get an Instagram, a Twitter, and of course, become the focal point in Pokemon Sleep. In fact, that doesn’t even scratch the surface… there’s even Snorlax ASMR.

The project hopes to raise awareness about this sleepy and misunderstood oaf, who is a part of the original 151 Pokemon.

The official X account for the Pokemon Project said they were aiming to get across Snorlax’s “cuteness, coolness, and loveliness” to fans, and, in this, they’ve been hugely successful.

Fans are calling it “So cute!”, and others, “So funny”. Another X user said of the latest clip, “This is too adorable, they are so sweet.”

One thoughtful fan asked, “Sinnoh confirmed????” speculating on the setting of the next video game, in Pokemon GeoGussr style.

Snorlax was first introduced in episode 94 of the original Pokemon anime, in the “Snack Attack!” episode, where he is demolishing a local town’s harvest.

After he helps Ash to stop Team Rocket, he finally joins Ash’s team – although he spends most of his time sleeping at Professor Oak’s lab.

If you loved this Snorlax mini-series and want to see more, why not take a look at this series, which contrasts our world and the world of Pokemon, when a Woman wakes up to find a friendly Plush Snorlax in her home.

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