Pokemon fans demand new nature documentary in style of Planet Earth

Jessica Filby
Pokemon doc

Pokemon players are now demanding a new Pokemon documentary in the style of Planet Earth after seeing adorable Wailmer clip.

It’s no secret that Pokemon is a massive franchise, with tons of games, toys, TV shows, and films under its banner. However, one thing the franchise doesn’t yet have is a fully-fledged documentary, highlighting the behavior, habitats, and backstory of each Pokemon.

Sure, there’s plenty of backstory in the games and shows, but, after posing the question, it quickly became clear that Pokemon fans would love nothing more than to see a Pokemon nature documentary in the style of Planet Earth.

Pokemon players call for brand new nature documentary to be made

Sharing their own design on Reddit, one user asked the Pokemon community: “Would you watch a Pokemon nature documentary in the style of Planet Earth?”

Along with the question, they attached their own example, with an adorable Wailmer laying a pond while two Eevees run behind them.

After asking the community for their thoughts, it became clear that, with over 11 thousand upvotes, there are few things fans would love more.

“100% would binge it” explained one user, while another went on to say, “Yes in a heartbeat, getting more info about Pokémon in their natural habitat would be awesome”

Others aligned the idea to a previous game, explaining how “that would pretty much be Pokemon Snap: The Movie” which then inspired others to reveal that “As a biologist and huge Pokemon nerd, this is probably one of my biggest wishes ever. They could totally do like a Pokemon Snap limited series or something.”

While some loved the similarities to Pokemon Snap, others thought they’d prefer to see “a collab between Pokemon and National Geographic.”

Such a design would allow players to see their favorite Pokemon in their natural habitats and would be ideal to teach fans a little more about their backstories and nature.

Ultimately, one comment sums up the community’s thoughts: “Now I’m annoyed we don’t have one already.” There’s no telling whether we’ll ever get one, but it would certainly be popular if that Reddit post is anything to go by.

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