Great Tusk is jumpscaring Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players in some locations

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Paradox Pokemon arrived in the Pokemon world for the first time in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – and one is already causing havoc in the Paldea region, Great Tusk.

Paradox Pokemon are divided into two groups in Gen 9, including both Ancient and Future forms.

These creatures can be found at different points in time during your playthrough, and many of them will be vaguely recognizable from other generations. One of those is Great Tusk, which can usually be found at Area Zero… But it’s not limited to just there.

The ancient relative to Donphan, introduced in Gen 2, has started to jumpscare people as they enter buildings across Paldea.

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Great Tusk appearing inside buildings in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

This interesting change in behavior was spotted by Reddit user Ruffino_12 on December 7, who said it had happened multiple times before.

“For some reason, whenever I enter a building a Great Tusk is just chilling. This is only one of the multiple times this happened,” they said.

As you can see below, they walk inside a building, and – sure enough – the Ancient form pops up out of nowhere. Quite the fright, if you’re not expecting it!

One player responded, jokingly: “Alright, one of these days Game Freak needs to talk about the elephant in the room.”

It wasn’t the only joke, either. “It’s the guard. Crime has gotten really bad in Paldea,” a second user said.

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Whether or not this is just happening with Great Tusk remains to be seen, at the time of writing. But given the fact that the player has seen this occur more than once, you should always keep the lookout while traversing the map.

If you’re looking for the more traditional way to find Great Tusk, check out our guide here to catch one.