Fendi reveals luxury Pokemon collaboration for 2024

Andres Velez
Founder of Fragment Design, Hiroshi Fujiwara standing by a Dragonite dripping in swag

Pokemon is partnering with Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi and Japanese streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara’s FRGMT to bring Pokemon Go stans exclusive drip on January 4, 2024.

The three-way partnership between Pokemon, Japanese streetwear brand fragment design and high-fashion luxury brand Fendi is giving Pokemon fans the fanciest vibes possible with an iconic collection.

If this wasn’t enough, Pokemon Go players will also be able to customize their avatar with digital accessories from the upcoming capsule.

The reveal of the collaboration’s designs has fans excited, though many have expressed disappointment that the luxury merch will be so expensive.

The collaboration will give Pokemon Go players an opportunity to play in style by customising their avatars with digital assets.

The collaboration will bring digital and physical high fashion to the game of Pokemon

The main images from the collection show classic Fendi bags and a cap adorned with the FF Fendi patterning as well as the Dragon-type Pokemon Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite. The full collection will also include T-shirts, hoodies, and some special jewelry.

These will mainly be soft chain bracelets, as well as a Pokeball charm necklace that opens to reveal a Fendi logo.

Dragon Pokemon adorned bags and a Dragonite Hoodie from the upcoming Fendi x FRGMT collection.

One X user said, “I want the Dratini purse, but I feel like if I have to ask the price I can’t afford it.”

Another X user was willing to pay the price for this high-end fashion, claiming they would be “selling a kidney for da Dragonite bagussy.”

Fujiwara’s love of Japanese culture, streetwear, and anime has led to multiple collaborations with Pokemon via the Thunderbolt project. The joined effort brought fans hoodies, Nintendo Switch controllers, pillows, plushies, cutlery and a Pokemon Nanoblock set.

While the items may be out of the price range of the standard Pokemon player, we may see wealthier fans donning the garms during the Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024, like Logan Paul who proudly wore his 3.5 million Pikachu card.

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