Nadeshot hits back at complaints over “generic” 100 Thieves x Pokemon merch

Jeremy Gan
Nadeshot hits back at complaints over "generic" 100 Thieves x Pokemon merch

Nadeshot has fired back at complaints from the community over what some are calling “generic” 100 Thieves x Pokemon merch, asking fans not to judge based on the promo images alone. 

When it comes to merch collabs, 100 Thieves has it down pat, with brands and names such as Gucci and Attack on Titan, the org never seems to slow down with the highly anticipated crossovers. 

And their most recent announcement of their newest collab with Pokemon has many fans hyped but also brought in a slew of criticisms for what some have called a “generic” look. 

Now, CEO of 100 Thieves, Nadeshot, has taken to social media to hit back at the complaints, asking fans not to judge the entire merch collab based on just a few promo images. 

“It’s making its rounds throughout the internet, and a lot of the images that they’re posting are for the printables, the t-shirts that we have, coming in this drop,” Nadeshot explained. 

“You see just a Pokemon in front of our logo, and a lot of people don’t think that it is as creative as it could have been. But here’s the rub, a lot of people that see those images, they don’t see the actual lookbook of the full breadth… of products that’s going to be available.” 

Nadeshot explained that the full merch line had more than just the graphic t-shirts, with varsity jackets, sweaters, and vests, and that a lot of time was put into the process and design of the collab. 

Furthermore, he explained that the t-shirt’s simplistic design was intentional, as he wanted to make sure the merch line didn’t have “extravagant” designs on every piece they release. 

“I understand when you get a lens and a singular perspective off of one of these tweets that you see, but we pump our heart and soul into all these products we created over the years, and so if you could take a peek at the lookbook and see what’s actually happening… there’s more than meets the eye.”