GameStop could be selling graded Pokemon cards and fans are worried

Em Stonham
Graded Charizard Pokemon card with game background.

In a move that is both exciting and possibly concerning for the Pokemon TCG community, it has been announced that certain GameStop stores will begin trading in Pokemon singles – buying and selling graded Pokemon cards.

As initially reported by PokeBeach, the new program should start rolling out during the week beginning May 13th and other stores could follow shortly after. Currently, GameStop has not confirmed how card value or price will be determined, but the program could reward fans with either cash or in-store currency for trading in their cards.

Alongside this, GameStop will also be selling standard singles for fans to pick up and add to their collection. It’s an exciting announcement for collectors who want more locations to scour for interesting cards, and it could prove convenient for Pokemon TCG investors, too.

There are some Pokemon collectors who are feeling worried by this announcement, though. Alleged internal emails appeared online recently, with collectors and GameStop customers coming together to discuss the upcoming changes.

One fan in the comments blasted the new program as “a spectacularly stupid idea”. Others online shared their concerns about fake cards and lowball price offers, with one person joking, “Super innovative, GameStop! Can’t wait to trade in my PSA 10 base set Charizard for the price of an ETB!”

While there are certainly some Pokemon collectors who are excited about this announcement, there are a fair few who are apprehensive about how it could affect the TCG scene and market.

There is no official word from GameStop on this situation currently, but some fans think this could be a positive thing for people looking to buy and sell easily. The sentiment among the community seems to be that Pokemon cards more accessible and easy to find is always a good thing, but any potential program would need to be well-structured in order for it to keep customers happy.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted with community reactions surrounding this topic but for now, why not check out our guide to grading? If you’re planning to sell your cards – at GameStop or any other location – then grading them can help ensure a fair price and smooth transaction.