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Avalugg best moveset in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Published: 23/Dec/2021 11:04

by Daniel Megarry


Bergmite has made its long-awaited debut in Pokemon Go, meaning Trainers can also get its evolution Avalugg – but is it any good? And what is its best moveset? Let’s find out.

The debut of a new species is always an exciting time for Pokemon Go players. Next up is the Kalos region’s Bergmite and its evolution Avalugg, which are both arriving during Part 2 of the Holidays 2021 event.

Once you’ve caught enough Bergmite and evolved one into Avalugg, you’ll probably wonder whether it’s actually worth spending your time and resources powering it up for Raids or the Go Battle League.


Below, we’re going to look at each of Avalugg’s potential moves and figure out whether it’s got a place in Pokemon Go’s PvE or PvP meta.


Avalugg appearing in the Pokemon anime with its best moveset
The Pokemon Company
Avalugg could have a significant impact on the Master League meta.

Avalugg best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best PvP moveset for Avalugg in Pokemon Go is Ice Fang as a Fast Move paired with Body Slam and Avalanche as Charged Moves.

Avalugg only has two potential Fast Moves to choose from, but Ice Fang is the clear winner: It deals the same amount of damage (4.0 DPT) as Crunch but generates more energy (2.5 EDT) and has the added bonus of STAB. Make sure you have it.

When it comes to Charged Moves, Avalugg benefits from having access to Body Slam, a low-cost attack that’s great for taking out shields with fairly neutral Normal-type coverage. Go with Avalanche as a secondary attack for some impressive STAB damage.


All moves Avalugg can learn in Pokemon Go

Avalugg has a surprisingly good range of moves in Pokemon Go, with two potential Fast Moves and five potential Charged Moves including ranging from Ice to Dark and even Psychic.

We’ve listed all the moves that Avalugg can learn below:

Fast Moves

  • Bite (Dark)
  • Ice Fang (Ice)

Charged Moves

  • Avalanche (Ice)
  • Body Slam (Normal)
  • Crunch (Dark)
  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Mirror Coat (Psychic)
Bergmite evolving into Avalugg in Pokemon Go
Bergmite evolves into the beastly Avalugg.

Is Avalugg any good in Pokemon Go?

First of all, let’s address Avalugg’s biggest concern: It’s a mono Ice-type, which is one of the worst typings in Pokemon Go. It’s weak against Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel, and only has one resistance… other Ice-types. You’ll have to be very cautious when using it.

The good news? It’s mostly up from there. Avalugg is a huge tank, with a massive 240 Defense and a respectable 216 Stamina, so even when faced with its worst opponents it should be able to hold on for long enough to dish out some damage.


When it comes to PvP, Avalugg is viable in all Leagues, but it shows the most potential in the Master League. It has an impressive max CP of 3615 and a set of strong Ice-type moves with STAB that will be a massive threat to the Dragon-types that rule the meta.

As for Avalugg’s performance in PvE, it’s far too slow for Raid Battles and Ice-types just aren’t suited for Gym Defense due to their lack of type resistances, so you’re much better off focusing on PvP in the Go Battle League.