Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres to be added to Pokemon Sword and Shield

Published: 9/Jan/2020 21:51

by Paul Cot


The legendary birds from the Kanto region are finally coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of the newly revealed expansion pass. It looks like they’ll be coming in a totally new form, too, with images suggesting they are getting Galarian revamps.

It seemed strange with the legendary trio were omitted from Pokemon Sword and Shield upon its initial release, but now, their absence makes more sense. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and other iconic Pokemon were not among the 400 Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex.

What was initially presumed to be part of the National Pokedex fiasco now seems like an intentional decision from Game Freak. They may have made us wait, but it looks all but certain they’ll be in the Galar region, and in a form we’ve never seen before.

Pokemon CompanyGalarian Articuno seems to exhibit all of flying, ice and psychic-type characteristics…

Leaked revealed the legendary birds early

Their addition to the game may come as a complete shock to many, but some trainers would have known this was always on the horizon. 35 Pokemon, which weren’t included in the game, were found in a datamine, and you guessed it, the list included Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

Although some clever trainers may have suspected their inclusion, we weren’t given any clues about potential Galarian forms. The three birds are certainly recognizable from their normal designs, but guessing their types doesn’t appear to be easy.

Pokemon CompanyGalarian Zapdos doesn’t look like the most friendly of Pokemon…

Articuno looks the most guessable as a flying and psychic-type. Zapdos, on the other hand, is tricky to speculate – but perhaps flying and fighting is the most likely combination here.

Finally, Moltres looks like a fire and dark-type. This is an interesting one, though, as flying, fire and dark all seem to fit. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. You can check them out for yourself in the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass trailer.

Pokemon CompanyMoltres looks perhaps the most different compared to its original form…

Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres release date

It looks like trainers will have to wait a little while before getting their hands on the legendary Galarian trio. The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass trailer teased them, but this was within The Crown Tundra section.

This is the second of the DLC packages, which has been given a release date of “fall 2020”. Meanwhile, The Isle of Armor is coming in June. Therefore, it could nine or more months before players finally encounter the Kanto legends.


Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Pokedex reimagined in 8-bit Game Boy style

Published: 21/Jan/2021 23:11

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield fan went viral after re-imagining every single ‘mon from the Galar Region in 8-bit Game Boy style. 

In a first for the franchise, Pokemon’s eighth generation RPG was in both HD and on a home console. Despite that, many fans still have nostalgia for the way the games used to look on the Game Boy.

Those wondering what Sword & Shield’s monsters would look like in 8-bit graphics no longer have to dream as one incredibly talented artist re-imagined all of Galar’s ‘mon in the retro graphic style.

Screenshot of Pokemon Red & Blue choosing starter.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon fan reimagined Sword & Shield ‘mon with Game Boy-style graphics.

Pokemon Sword & Shield fan’s epic Game Boy Galar Pokedex

Illustrator Pat Ackerman posted his incredible artwork on January 20, and wowed the Pokemon community by recreating monsters from the eighth generation in Game Boy’s pixel graphic style.

While Sword & Shield technically boasts over 600 characters with its DLC, the fan tackled all the ‘mon either new to the series or region specific.

According to Ackerman, he used the pallet from the 1998 title Yellow. “Finally finished all of generation 8 in Gameboy form! They use the Pokémon Yellow palette,” he wrote.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the incredibly skilled artist also re-imagined Sword & Shield Gigantamax forms in the retro Game Boy style. Those wanting to see the various ‘mon he’s created should check out his Instagram.

The Pokemon community absolutely loved Pat Ackerman’s retro reimagining, such as one fan who exclaimed, “These are absolutely beautiful”. One user even went as far as to say they preferred the style to the Nintendo Switch graphics. “I really prefer this over the 3d models. I wish there was an option in the game for this,” they wrote.

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to Sword & Shield Game Boy art.

Impressively, the talented fan explained that he doesn’t use a program to create the pixel style. Instead he uses the pencil tool in Photoshop. Considering how close this looks to the 90s Game Boy titles, it’s pretty spot-on!

If nothing else, it’s absolutely fascinating to see what a modern Pokemon game would like if it was still made on classic consoles. Speaking of retro, hopefully we will be able to revisit Gen IV if we finally get a Diamond & Pearl remake in 2021.