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5 moves that are as good as cheating in Pokemon Go

Published: 4/Jul/2020 13:42

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go has its fair share of ultra-powerful moves, and some of them are so good they’re almost cheating. So, which are the five most over-powered moves in the mobile game?

Ok, cheating is an overstatement – after all they are legitimate moves. However, some are head and shoulders above others.

In the competitive format of GO Battle League you’ll come across these moves time and time again. The reason for this is obvious: they are super-effective (pun intended).

5. Charm

Charm is the second-hardest hitting Fast Move in all of Pokemon Go. It is only bettered by Razor Leaf which deals 5.5 damage per turn compared to 5.33.

The Fairy-type move comes out on top though, because it is that – a Fairy-type move. The Grass-type Razor Leaf is weak against seven different types whereas Charm is super effective against three (and weak against three). The three it is strong against include key types in Dark and Dragon, which are frequently seen in PvP and high-tier Raid Battles.

If you start a battle with the likes of Darkrai, Giratina, or Palkia and your opponent has Charm, get it out of there quickly! It won’t last long at all.

Draco Meteor Pokemon Go
Pokemon Fandom
Draco Meteor is reserved for the most powerful dragon-type Pokemon: Kyurem, Dialga, Reshiram, Palkia, Dragonite and Salamence…

4. Draco Meteor

When it comes to damage per energy Draco Meteor is only surpassed by Overheat (more on that below). The Dragon-type move is only one of six Charge Moves in Pokemon Go that deals 150 damage.

The others require energy of 75 or 80. When you compare this to the 65 Draco Meteor needs then it becomes obvious why it has made this list.

We’re looking at moves only here and not taking into account the Pokemon themselves. However, with dragon-types being a regular sighting in PvP due to their impressive stats, when you add Draco Meteor into the equation there are many trainers on the opposing side that will quickly get frustrated with it.

Trainers often ask which is better out of Draco Meteor and Outrage. Well the latter may require 5 less energy but deals 40 damage less at 110. Unlike Draco Meteor though, using the move doesn’t have any negative effect on your stats. Some would argue this is next to irrelevant though, as it is often difficult to get two or more Charge Moves off in a competitive scenario.

3. Counter

Counter is the only Fast Move with more than 3.5 DPT then generates more than 3 energy per turn (EPT). This alone should tell you how effective it is.

Being a Fighting-type move, it is unsurprisingly found mostly among Fighting Pokemon. It was recently included as a Community Day Exclusive Move for Alakazam when Abra headlined.

As a Fighting-type Fast Move it is unrivalled, so if your Pokemon has it, do not change it. We can’t think of a single example of a Fighting-type Pokemon having it where you should change it, but then again with stats like that, why would you?

Overheat Pokemon Go
Pokemon Fandom
Plenty of Pokemon can learn Overheat but the two it is most effective with is Reshiram and Chandelure…

2. Overheat

Overheat has the best damage per energy of all moves in Pokemon Go. It requires only 55 energy yet it will cause a massive 130 damage. That’s a DPE of 2.36!

Interestingly there is one Fire-type move that does hit harder – Fire Blast. However, this requires 25 more energy at 80. So of the two, Overheat is certainly preferable.

It should be noted that it does significantly reduce your attack stat upon using it. This makes no difference if you’re using it when your Pokemon is close to fainting, though.

The 130 damage it offers is so large that you don’t even need to worry about type effectiveness. Even against Dragon, Fire, Rock and Water-types it will still hit for 93 damage.

1. Rock Wrecker

Rock Wrecker is only usable by one Pokemon – Rhyperior. It’s a good job too as the rock-type move does 110 damage for just 50 energy!

Unsurprisingly it is by far the most powerful rock-type Charge Move. Fortunately it is only available as a Community Day Exclusive Move, but no doubt it will return somewhere at some point.

Other moves worthy of an honorable mention are Flying Press, Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn.

These didn’t quite make the top 5 because Flying Press is only usable by Pikachu Libre, Frenzy Plant has a lot of types it’s weak against, and Blast Burn can be considered similar to Overheat. Some would argue Blast Burn is superior because it doesn’t lessen any stats, though.


Pokemon troll goes viral after baiting fans with most expensive card

Published: 26/Nov/2020 23:38

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber SomeThingElseYT went viral online after trolling Pokemon fans. The animator jokingly claimed to have discovered the world’s most expensive Trading Card Game collectible, Pikachu Illustrator, in his garage.

The Pokemon TCG was a major part of many 90s kids’ childhoods. No one could have ever guessed that cards once stuffed in cheap binders could one day sell for as much as a sports car. In 2020 though, the pieces of cardboard have now exploded in value.

At the very top of the list of the most expensive is the incredibly rare Pikachu Illustrator which fetched over $233k at auction in July. On November 24, a YouTuber went viral after joking that he found the collectible in his garage. Only, some thought it was actually real.

Screenshot of rare Pokemon Trading Card Game item Pikachu Illustrator.
ZenMarket / The Pokemon Company
The incredibly rare card worth $233k was used to troll fans in a viral tweet.

Pokemon card joke goes viral on Twitter

In 1998, popular Japanese magazine CoroCoro held an art contest and those who won were given a special promo Pokemon card featuring Pikachu holding a pen. While there was over 39 winners, only 10 are known to have survived today.

Due to its rarity, the item very rarely goes up for sale. In July however, a PSA graded 9 surfaced and fetched a whopping $233k auction – which is currently the world record for most expensive individual TCG collectible sold.

On November 24, YouTuber SomeThingElseYT hilariously joked that he found the “useless” card in his garage. “Found this funny Pikachu card in my garage don’t know what to do with it,” he said. After the tweet went viral, he followed up the post and trolled fans who thought it was real. “Why is everyone so obsessed if I got this in 10th grade.”

Despite the tweet clearly being made in jest, many Trading Card Game fans actually thought the post was serious and freaked out. “Adam…That is the most rare card in the world!’ one user replied. Another fan exclaimed, “THAT IS THE MOST RARE POKEMON CARD EVER. DO NOT GET RID OF IT NO MATTER WHAT.” Another follower echoed a similar sentiment and wrote, “BECAUSE IT COULD BE WORTH A FRKIN CRAP TON OF MONEY!!!”

Screenshot of Twitter replies.

While some fell for the joke, others caught on quickly and were shocked at how many believed the fake story. “On this day millions of wooshes were heard everywhere in the known universe,” one comment read. Another user simply stated, “I love that people don’t understand this was a joke. Makes this post much better.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fan comments on Twitter.

Besides clearly being sarcasm, it also only took a few seconds using Google to figure out that the image has been posted on Reddit and numerous other websites many times previously.

With Pokemon card fever reaching a fever pitch in 2020, fans around the world have been digging through their old collections. Just don’t expect to have an item where only 10 of them exist.