Palworld teases new Pals and promises “exciting” reveal in Summer Game Fest

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring a new Pal variant in Palworld.

Aside from showcasing two new Pal variants, Palworld has just announced that they have plenty of “exciting things” to reveal in Summer Game Fest.

In a recent X post, Palworld revealed two new Pal variants and confirmed that they’ll be present in Summer Game Fest. In the image attached to the post, a variant of Wixen and Katress can be seen.

Judging from their color scheme, these are the Noct and Ignis versions of these Pals. Noct is a Dark Element type, while the latter is Fire-type. Also commonly referred to as Fusion Pals, these types of Pals are known to possess a different element than their original counterparts. 

Currently, not all Pals in Palworld have an alternate version. However, seeing this being teased, it’s likely that other Pal variants may be on the way.

Aside from new Pals, the tweet also mentioned revealing “a lot of exciting things” and upcoming “long-awaited features.” While they have yet to specify what these things are, a teaser announcement previously dropped in April could possibly contain some of the answers.

We might finally be getting more information about a few new Pals showcased in the clip, such as the frog-like Pal with a blackbelt, the ostrich Pal, the dinosaur with a mushroom growing out of its head, and even the dog-like Pal with a hat.

There’s also a possibility we’ll finally take a peek at a new area for the map, which, as seen in the clip, features lush cherry blossom trees and new weapons in the game.

To top it off, let’s not forget that a PvP arena was previously brought up, something that can help spice things up in the game aside from the exploring, Pal-collecting, and base-building.

As for the features, Palworld’s roadmap mentioned that the game plans to add server transfers and building improvements, among other things. All in all, it looks like there are a ton of things that Palworld players can look forward to during their Summer Game Fest announcement.