Palworld getting new Pals, fun weapons, another map region this summer

Shane Black
Palworld new Pals coming in summer update

Palworld is expanding its world this summer with a new update bringing four new Pals, more weapons, and possibly a new area.

Palworld has become quite the hit for Pocketpair Games since it released, and the devs are looking to keep building off their quick success.

This summer, a new update is on the horizon that is bringing some changes, mainly the addition of four new Pals, new weapons, and even what looks to be another area to explore.

The update and the content it’s bringing to Palworld were shown off in a new trailer that gave players a peek at what is to come.

The biggest part of this update is the four new Pals that are coming to the game. None of them have been given an official name, but they were each shown briefly in the trailer.

The new Pals are going to be a frog wearing a karate gi, what looks like a lizard with a mushroom on its head, a bird-type creature, and some kind of floating mammal-esque Pal. There were only small glimpses of each, so it’s unknown what their powers and abilities are as of now.

In addition to these Pals, Palworld is also going to be getting a new area for its map which the community is hoping will be closer to the giant tree that can be seen on the horizon.

So far, Palworld has not taken players close to this giant tree and players have been excited to get closer and see what’s going on there.

Finally, the trailer also shows off a couple new weapons that are going to join people’s arsenals: a new flamethrower and laser rifle.

It was a fast look at these weapons, but they were shown to be taking down the new Pals coming in the update.

The trailer didn’t reveal a release date for the update, only that it is coming in the summer of 2024.

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