4 features Palworld’s PvP Arena mode must have to make a splash

Michelle Cornelia
Palworld pals

Palworld has just teased its new PvP Arena mode, and these are the four things we think the game mode needs in order to make an impact.

Since Palworld’s early access launch in January, the idea of a PvP feature in the game has been quite the hot topic in the community. Interestingly, despite this feature not being available in the opening months, we’ve already seen players flagging a “secret” buildable area in case it gets the Ark-like treatment.

Well, now that Pocketpair has already teased players with a short clip regarding PvP, we finally know what we can expect. Well, sort of. Palworld’s Pal Arena resembles a colosseum-like setting where your Pals will be pitted against others.

The clip shows that this is going to be a 3v3 competitive format. While the exact release date of this feature is unknown, below are four features we’d like to see in Palworld’s new PvP arena mode.

AI Pals & NPCs for a competitive single-player experience

Multiplayer is fun, especially when you’re battling with your friends for some casual competition. But for those who prefer to play solo, it’d be ideal to have the option to play against AI and NPCs in Palworld’s new arena mode. 

Better yet, similar to the world settings, there should be an option to change the difficulty of the PvP arena against AIs as well. I imagine this single-player mode could also be beneficial if you want to test out your Pals’ combat before heading into a real PvP match.

Unified PvP settings & restricted gear feature

While Palworld lets you customize your world settings and even tweak your Pals’ stamina and HP regen, it goes without saying that everyone should be put in the same settings for PvP. 

This can help make the battlefield fair for players. Also, gear restriction would be a nice addition so everyone can stand a chance in PvP without having to grind legendary items.

1v1 mode

What if there’s an additional mode that lets you duel Pals instead? That could be fun! Players can host something like 1v1 battles restricted only to mounts and other certain types of Pals. For new players who are just starting out in the game and don’t have a lot of decent Pals yet, this would also be a great alternative.

Better rewards

Imagine winning a hard match only to be rewarded with a measly sum of XP. Better rewards, like getting certain schematics or even new gears would make the mode feel more challenging and rewarding at the same time. Speaking of rewards, it’ll also be nice if players who lost also get something for their participation.

Palworld’s PvP arena is set to release with the summer update. Though the exact date is unknown, it’s exciting to see how things will pan out once the PvP arena gets introduced to the game. In the meantime, check out some of the best Pals in the game to help you out.

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