Zedd roasts Overwatch as fans demand new content

Michael Gwilliam
Zedd and D.va in OverwatchBen Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

Russian-German DJ Anton Zaslavski, better known by his stage name, Zedd, put Overwatch on blast as fans grow impatient at a lack of Overwatch 2 news.

Despite being a popular musical artist, Zedd has pretty well-known for his gaming skills. Notably, the 32-year-old reached Grandmaster in Overwatch and Immortal in Valorant.

His music has even been featured in major esports events such as the Overwatch League Grand Finals where he performed during half-time.

However, his enjoyment of Blizzard’s hero shooter seems to have vanished as the DJ slammed Overwatch on Twitter in response to some praise from former OWL pro Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca.

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Zedd mocks Overwatch player base

On February 21, Danish Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro Dafran voiced some support for the game on Twitter.

“Overwatch is still the best fps game out there [in my opinion]. My ADHD brain needs that constant stimulation Overwatch gives,” he wrote.

Zedd, however, was quick to reply with his own retort: “but there’s only like ~7 overwatch players left in the world,” he said with a teary smiling emoji.

Overwatch 2 artBlizzard Entertainment
Fans just want Overwatch 2 to finally release.

The artist’s comment was met with praise on social media with fellow players, such as Gale Adelade replying “true.”

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Even Dafran couldn’t help but agree, posting a pair of praying hands along with hope that Overwatch 2 will finally bring back players.

The notable diss comes as Blizzard announced a new mini Reaper event, leaving fans who expected a rumored Overwatch 2 beta annoyed that they were just getting a skin instead of a new game.

Hopefully, Overwatch 2 does in fact end up being released sooner rather than later and fans can finally return to the hero shooter in droves.

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