Overwatch team lets players try out OW2 hero changes right now

OW2 beta launchBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch League team is giving players an opportunity to try out Overwatch 2 hero changes early before a rumored beta launch later this month.

For the past couple of weeks, rumors and leaks have surfaced suggesting that an Overwatch 2 beta will be coming soon, especially with the fifth season of OWL being played on an early build of the game.

There’s not much known about what big new additions the beta will feature, but there are rumors that in addition to the new game mode ‘Push,’ there will be three new heroes launching alongside it.

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Now, the Florida Mayhem has shared a special Workshop code that Overwatch League teams are using to practice on to prepare for the OW2 beta.

How to try Overwatch 2 changes early

As shared by Mayhem coach Jordan ‘Gunba’ Graham, by using the code “21147,” players can experience a number of changes to heroes and gameplay that make it much more similar to the upcoming sequel.

For example, the game is fully 5v5 and will have decreased respawn times in addition to some sweeping hero revamps.

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All of Reinhardt’s big reworks such as having two Firestrikes and the ability to cancel his pin. Sombra has been completely reworked to match how she was during the official OWL playtest last year. And even Bastion’s two new stick grenades and artillery strike ultimate are included.

Doomfist tank rework in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Doomfist as a tank? It could happen!

Amazingly, it even includes some speculative changes such as Doomfist being moved to the tank role as previously hinted at during developer interviews.

Be sure to give this Workshop mode a try as it could end up giving you a big advantage once Overwatch 2 finally releases. Hopefully, there is not much longer for fans to wait.

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