xQc has perfect response to trash-talking Overwatch teammate - Dexerto

xQc has perfect response to trash-talking Overwatch teammate

Published: 23/May/2019 8:15 Updated: 23/May/2019 8:27

by Joe O'Brien


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a perfect response for a trash-talking teammate during a game of ranked Overwatch on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

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xQc’s team was defending the second stage of the map, in the hangar, when he got into an exchange with an unnecessarily aggressive teammate.

Playing his trademark Winston, xQc was ducking in and out of one of the side rooms as he skirmished with the enemy. After taking a chunk of damage he dipped inside to go and pick up the nearby health pack, but his own team’s Mercy moved backwards with him and seemingly took it accidentally before xQc got there.


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“Oh he took my [health] pack, okay that’s funny,” xQc commented, prompting an immediate response of “yeah, fuck you” from the Mercy player.

A slightly perplexed xQc asked the player to repeat himself, and asked why he responded in such a manner to what was a fairly neutral comment by xQc’s standards. The Mercy replied “I don’t know, you said I took your pack but I’m healing you.”

Blizzard EntertainmentxQc is a former Overwatch League pro turned full-time streamer.
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xQc is known for his quick temper, but in this instance he had a much more calculated response than the rage that might be more typical of him.


During the exchange, xQc and the Mercy player had moved into the underground section of the hangar to clean up kills after a won fight. Upon hearing his teammate’s responses, however, xQc stood aside and allowed a low-health enemy McCree to take out the Mercy before finishing off the kill.

“Fuck man, that kinda sucks dude,” the Twitch streamer said, consoling the player for their “misfortune”.

Fortunately, the dispute did not prove too detrimental to the team, as xQc’s team was ultimately able to hold the attackers to two points and secure victory in the game on their own offensive push.